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Difficulty III-V
Length 4 Miles
Gauge Mark West Creek-Mark West Lodge to Mark West Road
Flow Range 2000 - 6000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 second ago N/A
Reach Info Last Updated 01/19/2017 4:42 am

River Description


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Rapid Descriptions


Class - III+ Mile - 1.75

beginning of class III-IV

Tennis Ball

Class - III+ Mile - 2

in tennis ball

Tennis Ball

Class - III+ Mile - 2

Easiest route is right to left or you could drop the center. right to left is only route at low flow


Class - IV Mile - 2.25

End of Hecks

Class - IV Mile - 2.75


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Gwenn Bezard
2 years ago

I run it on 1.9.2018. Lots of trees have fallen in the river, but we were able to portage around. The massive fires that have devastated the surrounding area have not cleared the brushes. Expect a strainer fest. Still fun if you don't mind portaging and bring the right skills.

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Griffin Avanche
3 years ago

brushy technical, 2 river wide trees in this section about midway. only USGS marker i could find is at the mouth which is well below this sectionand it seems runnable when that reads 1500+ cfs at mirabel heights. class 5 at higher flows. A few small steps. very fun and beautiful if you can catch it on a sunny day

Gage Descriptions

The Brush Creek in Santa Rosa Gauge displayed below is reported to show similar flow patterns as in Mark West Creek.   Mark West will usually be too low for boating by 24 hours after the end of rain from an average storm.   Other gauges to compare are Big Sulfer Creek at Geysers, and Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside Rd.  


Look for a painted staff gauge on the east side of the bridge at the put in.  It should be visible from the turn out on Leslie Road. 


Painted Gauge Compared to Online Gauges
Date - Time Painted Gauge Brush Cr  cfs Santa Rosa cfs Big Sulpher cfs
Feb 15-16-'09 1.5 150-200 800-1,300 400-600
Feb 22-09 08:30 3.5 395 1,650 1,440
Feb 23-09 15:15  3' 254 1,490 1,500
Feb 23-09 16:45  2.75'  ------ 1,480 1,220

Directions Description

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