Teter Creek - Nestorville to Tygart River

Teter Creek, West Virginia, US


Nestorville to Tygart River

Usual Difficulty IV (for normal flows)
Length 4 Miles
Max Gradient 120 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03054500 2500 - 3500 cfs IV 00h37m 4890 cfs (too high)

River Description

Bridge rapid in Moatsville is a good indicator of runnable flow below Rt 92.

Run is class II (III) from Nestorville to Rt 92 (2 miles), Class III Rt 92 to Moatsville, Class IV Moatsville to confluence with Tygart. Upper section nicely runnable when Moats bridge rapid looks slightly high. The rapid of note in middle section is recognized by 20 ft square rock block middle of creek. Nasty pourover bottom center. Start right, move diagonal to left above the hole and end up bottom left.

Bridge rapid is a sweet III/IV tumbledown easily scouted from bridge. Lower section Class IV rapid of note (suckpop) can be hazardous and can be scouted from island in creek. The rapid has wood at times and is located next after long shallow slide. Be very comfortable with this if thinking about Laurel (confluences 2 1/2 miles upstream of Teeter confluence). Emergency exit (steep) at the top of slide rapid, river left and climb up hill. Eliminates last 3 rapids.

Another Description:
Teeter Creek has 2 distinct sections. From Nestorville on Rt 92 to the bridge in Moatsville is primarily a Class II run with one Class III about 1/8 of a mile above the bridge. This rapid is best run on diagonal from right to left to avoid the ragged pourover and hole in the bottom middle and recognized by the 15 sq ft block of rock visible from upstream. The rapid above the bridge is tight, technical Class III/IV depending on level. When there are no clean chutes thru here without going all the way left the creek is too low.

Below the bridge the run tilts downhill at 120 fpm or so for 2/3 mile to the Tygart confluence. This section contains solid Class III/IV action commencing with several winding rapids. These top drops have good eddies and are easily boat-scouted.

Halfway down this lower section, when you can see a house up high on the left, you'll arrive at a large boulder blockin up the creek. The left is full of heavy, tight slalom drops. The right a quick sweep around the boulder and thru a tricky diagonal trying to kick you into the boulder. Eddy full river-left after passing behind the boulder to set up 50-yard slide rapid. The right gets more water and will be the only option unless the creek is fairly high.

This slide will end in a pool and the island coming up marks Suckpop. Scout from the island. The right side is only runnable in high water, if then. The left contains 2 sticky holes that complicate the route to a drop split by a boulder. Maybe 10 feet separates the holes, then 10 feet to the split so maintaining speed and alignment for the drop is tough and tricky. No speed in the drop means suck then pop. I like to run it just off the left bank and boof the tilted rock on bottom left. Below this are a couple of easy class III drops down to the confluence.

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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July 11 2016 (925 days ago)
Andrew StuartDetails
The correlation with the Philippi (Arden) gauge here is not very reliable. I ran Teter about 5500
over the max and it was high but very runable (and a blast). My friend ran it a week later at 500
over the max and said it was barely runable. It may be hard to pin down a good runnable range from
the the flow at Philippi because the level there is highly influenced by inflow from the Middle
Fork and Buckhannon. These large tributaries' drainages are south of Teter's and can therefore get
much different amounts of rain in a storm.
February 2 2008 (4007 days ago)
x (1)
Just ran this two days in a row. Really sweet creek, lots of fun drops, couple of sick boofs, etc.
Second day the water level was probably about perfect, with the Tygart gauge at 7,000 (meaning
Teter's was in the blue), so I'd highly suggest modifying the recommended maximum.
December 13 2004 (5152 days ago)
Karl WhippDetails
At moderate levels, this is a nice little run for those looking for an intro to creekin. Eddies are
abundant and the rapids arent too serious. If you cant see around a bend, look for a last chance
eddy and head for it. This will get you the visual boat scout that you're looking for.

At higher flows, it's a fun run for experienced creekers. The Bridge Rapid is a hoot, the slide
gets really fast and the boof at Suckpop is quite nice....but the hole will kick yer ass, so hit
that boof!

If the rapid at the bridge in Moatsville looks nicely padded, then you'll have plenty of water for
the rest of the run (although the slide may be a bit scrapy and slow). If the bridge rapid looks
beefy, get ready to hang on...it's gonna be good! If you run Teeter at higher flows, once finished,
head up the Tygart about 2 miles to Laurel Creek. It takes more water than Teeter and is also a
good step up in difficulty...so if yer running teeter when its high, you'll dig Laurel!

Have fun out there, and as with all small streams, keep an eye out for lumber!
May 8 2002 (6102 days ago)
We ran Teters on April 29. The Tygart was running 15 feet or about 19,000 cfs. We had good water,
but not too much. All of the lines on the creek were open with no trees to avoid. The Tygart that
day was rediculously huge. The rapid called classic had washed out, Undercut had one of the biggest
holes I have ever seen. The falls were just sick.

Laurel Creek was running a bit on the high side, but do-able, that day.