Hocking - 1/4 mile above covered bridge on Rock Mill Rd to Mt Zion Rd

Hocking, Ohio, US


1/4 mile above covered bridge on Rock Mill Rd to Mt Zion Rd (locally known as Rock Mill Creek)

Usual Difficulty II-IV (for normal flows)
Length 0.75 Miles
Max Gradient 60 fpm
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River Description

Low ledges at the start lead directly into the micro canyon and falls visible from the Rock Mill covered bridge. The opening hole to this drop (grabby at higher flows) and a powerful reaction wave off the left wall complicate approach to the falls proper. As the canyon base is slab with a decided downward tilt, the water reaches a considerable speed before launching over the 14-16' vertical at the end. LZ is deep. Watch the recirc in the pool below when flows are high. Class II down to the take-out.

This reach is located about 15 miles SE of Columbus and about five miles west of Lancaster. From Columbus, take Hwy 33 SE to Carroll, turn right on Carroll-Southern Rd, go about 2.5 miles to Lamb Rd (just after hard bend to the left), turn right on Lamb Rd and continue straight to Lithopolis Rd. A left on Lithopolis followed by a near immediate right on Rock Mill Rd puts one at the bridge. The Rock Mill covered bridge is marked in the Ohio edition of the DeLorme atlas
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Rapid Descriptions

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December 4 2008 (3632 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
lots of wood in the gorge, as of dec. 1st,'08. everything looks passable but sketchy. all the wood
looks as if rain may push it out or into new spots. be careful and check the pool to make sure all
is clear before firing one off. lots of wood atop the gorge which could end up in the water with a
good storm. just keep your eyes peeled.
November 7 2008 (3659 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
Just out of curiosity does anyone know how MUCH is a "good bit of rain"? I have been wanting to run
this thing since I started boating and never know if it is runnable and worth the hour drive if it
March 22 2008 (3889 days ago)
x (1)
this is actually rock mill creek, the headwaters of the hocking river. flows from north of
lancaster to rock mill lake. look for heavy rains from columbus to lancaster. visual from covered
bridge. look at the lip, if there is water running over the left side creating an obvious boof lip,
you are good to go. the ledges leading into the falls are scrapey at all but high flows( if they
aren't the falls will be extra juicy). anymore i hike up the steep road from the pool at the bottom
of the falls. i believe it is public property now( tread lightly, regardless). this is a real gem
to have in ohio so don't mess up the access. you can do this shuttle with only one vehicle by
parking at the covered bridge and hiking to the top. the gorge is committing with only one hike
out/ access via a steep billy goat trail on river right directly above the fall's last chance
eddy(which has the only boulder sitting in it, river left, this boulder must have a good bit of
water b/n it and river left for the run to go). a truly amazing place. i rock out a right stroke,
late boof , tight off the left wall(the obvious boof lip). the hole can be meaty but usually

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