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Difficulty V
Length 0.72 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Hike up run. Bedrock rapids. 400ft in 0.72 miles.


The hike up is 0.8 miles and takes less than 30 minutes.  Put in at the third footbridge you cross over the Road Prong.  Right below is bridge drop, a nice barometer for the run.  If you don't like the looks of it, just hike back down and go run the Alum Cave section of Walker Camp Prong. 


Bridge drop is a nice 15 foot rapid with a pushy curling entrance to a 8-10 foot sliding drop.  Below here is a short boogie stretch right into Right to Life, a must make move down the right channel, as the left is a no go.  You will re-enter the main flow by dropping down a manky channel to the left.  Once reconverged, the stream drops down a straightaway with some good boogie right into Dr. Kevorkian, a nasty 18 foot cascading drop with a BAD piton/pin spot on bottom left.  Stay center coming in and work to keep it center off the bottom 10 foot drop.  Below here is a short stretch of boogie and you will notice a split with a tiny channel going left.  Take this channel as the right goes under a huge log.  The left side is boat witdh only and kinda neat, before reconverging into a nice boogie set.  The next split will require another jog to the left, and off a 3 foot ledge with an old growth sieve on the island side below.  Reconverge again and you will be at the top of Bedrock Falls, a fun and straightforward 12 foot boog onto a bedrock formation that wires its way down a long runout and into a boulder jumble.  Shortly below is a Diagonal Falls, a 4 foot sluice move down and to the right into a diagonal ledge of around 15 feet with a clap halfway down.  You will most likely feel a rock in the landing. 


Below Diagonal Falls is a turn back to the left where a steep boulder garden leads down and under the next footbridge and into some good boofs.  As the creek turns left, be ready for a fast and out of control drop called Up Periscope.  Up Periscope is a bedrock grooved sliding drop against the left wall with some suprising stickky holes along the way.  Watch for wood in here! (As well as the rest of the run) and if you aren't sure, you can run river right too, down some fun notches.  Below here the creek is class 4 to the takeout, with a long slide under a log, turning right into 3 or 4 final ledges.  Takeout on the right, immediately below the footbridge, unless you are up for the infamous "left turn" onto the West Prong at super high water (this has yet to be done).


Walk out the trail 200 yards to the car.

Rapid Descriptions


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11 years ago

to add to whomever left this false statement about"noone has made the infamous left turn,you should do some old school homework before making bogus statements.the left was made and completed to the picnic area in fall 01 or 02.nate helms ,toby mcdermott,brian knight,chris young,jeff owen,dan sanders and myself ran road prong from greenlight to west prong confluence at 2 inch.the boys made the turn which i happily said no way to and hit picnic area in around 30 to 40 minutes at just shy of 2 feet on old gauge.oh, my name is roger smarr and i,ve ran this several times.setting the record straight!

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15 years ago

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From: deluge

Road prong is 1100ft (1.9 miles) from putin 1/4 mile above greenlight falls. If you go from here and do west prong all the way down to last take out (below in a hurry) that is just about 3000 feet of drop with no portages (unless you want). If you did road prong from third bridge it is .6 miles and about 300-350 feet. upper west prong is 700 feet (1.7 miles) from foot bridge to 441 bridge. 441 brige to last take out is 3.3-3.5 miles and a little over 1100 feet. Campbell over is a mile less.- howard

No Gage

Gage Descriptions

Look for the West Prong to be at least 1.8 feet and rising for this to be going.


The gauge on the Road Prong is right at the first footbridge across it, upstream on river left.  There are 15 notches, count from the top down.  Minus 7 is a maximum level and minus 12 a minimum.  If it is too high, just hike up and hang out, it will drop.

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