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Difficulty IV
Length 16.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description


Rules for accessing this section of the Calapooia are described below.  Do not run the upper Calapooia if you do not understand those rules.

Upper Calapooia Road


  • The road is open to the public unless the gates are closed. We will post a notification on our website when we are going to close the gates.
  • The road is posted no parking from the end of the pavement to the national forest boundary. Law enforcement is writing citations to anyone who violates the no parking restriction.
  • There is no legal access to the river from the public road until you get into the national forest.

        . Weyerhaeuser is actively logging in the vicinity so be very cautious and watch out for log trucks

Before these rules were put in place this section was only paddleable during hunting season.  With the new rules you can paddle this section any day of the year, except when indicated on the Linn County Website.  The trade off is that boaters now are committed to paddling a 16 mile section of the Calapooia, or none of it.  This makes for a long day, especially during the winter months when this section flows. 



A 7 mile portion (of what is now a 16 mile run) of the Calapooia is described on Jason Rackley's site

Check the map tab on this site to view the shortest legal section available to boaters.  You may need to mark the take out in order not to pass it, it is a short distance below a bridge.



Rapid Descriptions


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Jacob Cruser
1 year ago

January 22, 2019 a group reported the following after running the Upper Calapooia. "While the gate is open, and the road is public, the land between the road and river is still owned by Weyerhauser... from the gate to milepost 24 or so (where the national forest boundary is). Our group got two $115 tickets for parking [at the 13 mile bridge], and a warning that we could be arrested for criminal tresspassing." -Jason Filcman

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