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Difficulty I-II(III)
Length 13.3 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Shared reach: First (up to) 8 miles is in Wisconsin, final 5.3 miles is in Minnesota.
Put-in (with decent water) is at the base of Radigan Dam. (Elev.~1130')
Alternate put-in is on Swedish Hwy (Elev.~1073') if water is not sufficient to do upper.
Second alternate put-in is at State Line Road. (Elev.~1017')
Take-out is Markville Rd (CR25) near Markville, MN about one mile inside MN. (Elev.~903')

Radigan Dam to Swedish Highway - 3.0 miles - 19 FPM
Swedish Highway to Stateline Road - 5.0 miles - 11.2 FPM
(Stateline is also labeled Firelane or Fireline Road)
Stateline Road to Markville (CR25) - 5.3 miles - 21.5 FPM

The run is class II, with the first part possibly having some class III.

Note: This is not an upper section of a river named the Tamarack.
The river is the Upper Tamarack!

Rapid Descriptions

Drainage: 33 sq.mi.

Class - N/A Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

(Based on personal measurement via online planimeter and topomaps.)


Class - N/A Mile - 3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing


Class - N/A Mile - 8
Rapid Thumbnail Missing


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

Visual. Check the river where it crosses State Line Road. If the water is running over the road, eddies will be amongst the trees, and the last two miles of the run will be continuous class II+, with very difficult rescue in the event of a swim.

If the culverts under the road are less than pretty much full, and you scrape down the first little riffle near that put-in, you should take out and go elsewhere!

No other gauge. This usually only runs in the spring when the snowmelts.

Directions Description

This shuttle is somewhere near a half-hour (each way) if you do the full section. We highly recommend meeting at take-out, gearing up, swapping boats and boaters to as few vehicles as possible (to leave 'drop vehicles' there), then driving to put-in to run river. This gets you on water without the delay which would result from meeting at put-in, having to run shuttle down and back up (while some boaters wait somewhere near a full hour) before putting on river!

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Penobscot River Dams to be Removed!

Kevin Colburn

Atlantic Salmon and other imperiled fish species will soon have hundreds of additional miles of habitat. A recent decision between a power company, NGO's, tribes, and government agencies calls for the removal of two dams on Maine's Penobscot River and the bypassing of a third. American Whitewater applauds this huge win for rivers and is recruiting volunteers to assist with our work on the project. There is a public meeting December 2nd.



Matt Muir


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