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Difficulty III-IV
Length 1.55 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

This one is mainly a surfin' fiesta, but it starts with a gnarlistic bang: an 8-foot waterfall, followed immediately by a huge hole which can be mean to the unwary, shown in the photo at the top. (Don't ask how I know.)
After the first waterfall there is a nice slide with a hole at the bottom--nice for surfing on river right. After that there are some waves and then a 5-6 foot waterfall. Then some flat water to a little ledge and some nice surfing waves, then you go under the Miles Rd. bridge. You want to go river-right around an island--watch out for the strainer. A little afterwards will be the takeout, on river left where Sulfur Springs enters the Chagrin.

Putin: Bill Weeber, of the Keel-haulers Canoe Club, says: "The putin is off Solon Rd. at the Table Rock Picnic Area between Cannon Rd. and Chagrin River Rd. To run shuttle, take Solon Rd right to Cannon Rd. right. Go down Cannon about 1/4 mile and hang a right on Arbor Lane in the metro park. Take that to Chagrin Parkway, hang right and then a quick left onto Sulphur Springs Drive to Miles. Cross Miles and go straight on Chagrin River Rd. for about 1/8 mile; parking is on the right. You should be able to see the Chagrin River from there and Sulphur Springs Creek where they converge."

Takeout: Joe Ryan says: "There are two takeouts as I recall. There's one off Chagrin River Road at the bridge that's right after the best of the whitewater (easily a bike shuttle). The second is at the intersection of Miles and Chagrin River (entrance of SC Reserv.). It includes a small 2' ledge/wave train but also a steep, slippery hike up the gorge. But hey, there's also a nifty 10' fall on a side creek on the way out."

Joe also points out that the Chagrin River Road bridge has been out for 15 years. That explains why you have to go the long way around from the Solon Rd. putin to the farther takeout.

Here's another drop. Too bad all the tree stuff was in the way. If you look closely, there's a hint of a boater in there.

Rapid Descriptions

Falls & Hole

Class - IV Mile - 0.1
Greg Lewis approaches a 10-foot waterfall, followed by a river-wide hole. When the river's high, that hole is big and trashy!


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

No gage. Give it a look at the putin if it's rained hard lately. You can get a look at the rain gage by checking out AFWS--Cuyahoga County. The best gage would be either 8310 (Mayfield Village) or 8313 (Fairview Park).

Directions Description

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New Hydro Project for Cuyahoga (OH)

Thomas O'Keefe

The Cuyahoga River, the river that burned, played a pivotal role in the birth of the nation's river conservation movement. While restoration gains have been significant, a proposal for a new hydropower project on a dam targeted for removal would represent a signficant setback in ongoing restoration efforts and would delay for at least half a century any effort to bring back the lost whitewater that sits buried behind the Ohio Edison Gorge Dam. Paddler participation at upcoming scoping meetings is important.

Matt Muir


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