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Difficulty III-IV+
Length 2 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

The usual put-in is at the ford (washed out bridge) at the end of the upper Quarry. The creek winds through the flats of valley with a few small drops. Watch for woody debris at the corners. About 1 mile in, the canyon narrows to 30' wide box canyon and the first rapid, Pleasure Nozzle (IV). Scout left or right, this is a straightforward drop, but the shape of the canyon makes rescue from above difficult, and the nozzle is occaisionally plugged by trees. Eddy out below the drop and check out the cave.
Three more small drops and a few bends bring you to the bridge at the top of the gorge. The pace accelerates. The creek bends right. Then a series of drops and the conveyor belt from the lower quarry appear overhead. This marks the end of the action; a gravel bar splits the stream on river left and a final small drop marks the end of the run. Scramble up the bank for a hot hog at Costco or make a second run.
The run from the bridge through the gorge is tight, fast and frequently changes due to quarry activity. Be sure to scout from the road on the way in.
The City maintains access to the creek along its Lemon Creek Trail. The road (not marked on USGS maps) is the easy way in, but is private and gated.
RJM Construction has allowed boaters to use the road as long as they signal the equipment operators on the way in. Goldbelt Inc. leased the upper quarry to Tonsgard Contruction and has posted no trespassing above the upper bridge. So if the gate is open don't leave your vehicle at the put-in; either carry your boats in or return your vehicle to the vehicle pull-out below the bridge and gate.

Rapid Descriptions

No Name

Class - Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Pleasure nozzle

Class - Mile - 0.25
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
A river wide strainer has lodged just below the nozzle. It's balance looks precarious.


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Ramon Imel
2 years ago

Jason Eason reports from the bridge down the run is wood free!

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Ramon Imel
8 years ago

August 2011, strainers blocking "Lemon Drop" have been pushed to the side clearing a center run. Good News!

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Ramon Imel
12 years ago

A few changes. RJH no longer manages the lower section of the quarry. The City, (CBJ), has gated and posted no trespassing (mainly to keep ORVs out). Miller Construction is using the upper quarry and the new bridge and quarry above the prison. A private security firm has turned boaters back at the gate when they parked along the river. So far by parking at COSTCO and carrying up, paddlers have had few problems. The road is heavily used by dump trucks and boredom, pressure and methamphetamines, could prove fatal for a boater in the road. Best times to paddle: Before 6am or after 6pm and Sundays.

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Ramon Imel
13 years ago

Nozzle was clear late summer 2006, but the limbo logs below the bridge are hung up just above Lemon Drop, AKA, Smoking Tomb. You'll see the rootballs, but you need a new line past this section. Likely river left, yes left.

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