Sangamon - Petersburg: "Dead Carp Drop" (PnP)

Sangamon, Illinois, US


Petersburg: "Dead Carp Drop" (PnP)

Usual Difficulty III (varies with level)
Length 0.1 Miles

Perfect level @ DCD

Perfect level @ DCD
Photo of Tony Dixon by Dick Dixon taken 05/15/04 @ 9 feet

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-05576500 200 - 4000 cfs II-III 00h50m 1840 cfs (running)
Moderate flow. (~6.0' - 8.5') Gauge (2618 sq.mi. drainage) is well upstream. At Petersburg (3063 sq.mi. drainage) flows may be ~1/6th again as high (I.E. 1.17*gauge).

River Description

This is the premier park and play spot for Central Illinois.

Depending upon river level, play ranges from small waves, to big waves and a big hole.

A huge eddy houses debris (anything from trees to garbage to the namesake fish) so stay on your toes.
Extended description, pictures, maps, and video clips available at

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Low-water surfsN/APhoto

Rapid Descriptions

Enders (Class N/A)


Photo of John Stefan by Jeff Abernathy taken 07/03/02

Some of the fun which may be had (flow/level unfortunately unknown).

Low-water surfs (Class N/A)

attempted surf @ low water

attempted surf @ low water
Photo of clint begley by mark bokish @ 300

Even at just 300 cfs, there is a wave for some boat time!

User Comments

Users can submit comments.
June 10 2010 (3114 days ago)
mcoopdesign (151963)
Paddled the DCD yesterday at 2500. It was too high for any significant play opportunities. There
was one shallow play hole that only allowed flatspins on far river left and a pretty small surf
wave on far river right. The DCD hole was very much washed out and only remained as a completely
green (brown) wave. Perhaps if you had a long boat, surfboard, or body board you could surf it
well. But no luck in my playboat.
July 27 2004 (5257 days ago)
clinton begleyDetails
Definitely worth the drive for a beginner looking to get some surfing or hole playing experience
under his/her belt. The whole length of the sangamon river is pretty tame class I stuff except for
this nice little drop in petersburg. We drove 2 hours and weren't disapointed. More experienced
paddlers may be bored with it or feel it wasn't worth the trip, but if you live close and are
looking for a whitewater fix, this is the place!

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