Trout Creek - Canyon Section

Trout Creek, Montana, US


Canyon Section

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 275 fpm

Trout Creek Drop

Trout Creek Drop
Photo of James Shipley by Kevin Colburn taken 2000

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Prospect Creek at Thompson Falls MT
usgs-12390700 850 - 3000 cfs V 01h22m 42.8 cfs (too low)

River Description

All right, so Trout Creek is pumpin' and you need to get out there! This is one of the creeks on my top ten Montana Creeks, definitely a sweet run, especially for the Missoula crew.

-Take I-90 to Superior and get off on the Superior exit, and go South to Trout Creek Road; take a left and follow this road up into the canyon. You'll come upon the creek and drive up it until you reach a turnoff for Verde Windfall. There is a bridge a little bit further on the road, and this is your takeout.
The putin is two miles back on the main road (Trout Creek Rd.), and there should be a clearing on the left hand side of the road that leads down to the creek.

-Starts out as boulder-choked class 2, and then there is a log jam; portage left.
-After the log jam there are a bunch of bigger slides, and a left-banking slide that goes into a 10fter.
-Below the 10fter, eddy-out left, and scout Steal Your Face, a double-drop consisting of two 10fters. and a slide connecting them. Very fun drop!
-Immediately below Steal Your Face is a boulder garden/slide, which may have wood in it, SCOUT CAREFULLY!
-It continues steadily, with a bunch of slides, and then takes a hard right and then there is Cathedral, a 10fter that you will want to boof river-right (left is a strainer/gnar) then you duck under some logs and ride on down to you car.

This is a great run and i recommend it if you're in the area.
---> Definitely pick up a copy of

Montana Surf

, the guidebook, for a more detailed description of the creek and surrounding runs. Beautiful guidebook, which you shouldn't be without.


Lat/longitude coordinates are approximate, from online maps; they should get you into the ballpark.

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Rapid Descriptions

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March 26 2014 (1763 days ago)
Kevin ColburnDetails
Avista is actively monitoring tagged bull trout movements on Trout Creek using a wire
sensor/antenna that is suspended just over the water on a climbing rope and also loops down along
the bottom of the river. The hazard may be installed downstream of the whitewater section, but it
is unknown at this time. If you encounter this structure, caution should be exercised and portage