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Difficulty III-V
Length 1 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Here's one that most people in NJ haven't even heard about.

It runs maybe four or five times a year, so you have to watch for this one, and be ready to call in sick if it's up. It's short but steep.

Watch out for strainers!! Bob Hughes and I once removed (with much effort) a large cherry tree from the pool below the falls. Right now (Oct.2004) there are trees in play on the right side of the island, just below the old bridge abutments and about 50yds up from the take-out.

The run from just above the falls to the bridge is about 1 mile and the gradient is around 120 fpm for the run, with the first half a lot steeper than the second half.

With barely enough water in it to scrape down it (as on the day I first ran it) it would probably qualify as a class III-IV run. But, with more water, it would definitely begin to get into the class V range.

 There is a small (2 to 3 car) trailhead parking spot where Mountainside Rd. (the name on the topo map is Mountain Rd.) crosses the brook. There is a nice wooden sign identifying the park, and a small info board.

It is my understanding that a good trail map of this park is available from the Mendham Parks and Rec. Dept.

-When I've run it, and every time I've looked at it, I've parked here and hiked up the trail, but there is another road which crosses India Bk. about 1.75 miles upstream of the bridge, near Coleman's Hollow. It might be possible to paddle from there if there was enough rain.

When hiking, it's easier to follow the trail up and away from the creek, (It will come back down to river level) but then you can't scout.

Take out-
When you get back to your car at Mountainside Rd.

Rapid Descriptions


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

The onsite gauge is on the downstream side of the river-right bridge abutment. It was painted there by Bob "Huge" Hughes. Minimum would be about 1'. (You can get down the upper sections of it above about 0.75', but not the lower half.) See below for more indications of runnability.

This stream has no online gauge. It is TINY and will flash up and down very quickly. If you're on it when the rain stops, you'll probably be able to see the water level dropping.

The Automated Flood Warning System operates a rain gauge a mile or two from the upper part of India Brook. It is #6700 Ironia on the Morris County page.

- If the Ironia rain gauge on the AFWS site shows over 1.5" of rain in the last 12 hours onto wet ground, get over and check the gauge.
- If the Ironia rain gauge on the AFWS site shows over 4" of rain in the last 6-12 hrs onto dry ground, get over and check the gauge.
- If the North Br. Raritan near Far Hills and the Whippany River near Morristown are going STRAIGHT up and it is still raining HARD, go check the gauge.
-If the streets of Morris County are flooding, just from the rain coming down so hard, go check the gauge.
-If the rain slowed down or stopped more than an hour ago, your chances of hitting India have dropped significantly.
-Remember, if you paddle India one day, everything else will peak the next day.

Middle Atlantic River Forcast Center's Quantitative Precipitation Forcast. (The next 24hrs)
Middle Atlantic River Forcast Center's Quantitative Precipitation Forcast.(The following 24 hrs)

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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