White, East Fork - Hindostan Falls (PnP)

White, East Fork, Indiana, US


Hindostan Falls (PnP)

Usual Difficulty I-II(IV) (for normal flows)

Hindostan Falls

Hindostan Falls

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03373500 2500 - 6000 cfs I-II(IV) 01h04m 16200 cfs (too high)

River Description

This single short ledge/falls (with a campground and boat ramp adjacent) may provide some entertainment at the right water levels.

Additionally, there appear to be a number of smaller creeks in this immediate vicinity which have significant drop into the White River. While virtually none of them appear to sustain adequate size or gradient to merit a run of any length, the final plunge may provide some variety of entertainment (with adequate flows and appropriate scouting for runnability).

Thomas Visnius provides:
The water quality is typical Midwest large river agricultural, but not foul or caustic. Ear and nose plugs would help during extended play sessions. There are absolutely no other waves nearby, on the White, so if you want to float down the fairly scenic and quiet stretches near Hindostan Falls, use a large comfortable boat (canoe, touring kayak, raft, or dory), and drag a tiny play boat behind you. There are a few nice little creeks, cliffs, and cracks along the river.

He also provides the following links which may be of interest:
IDNR river summary
Subglacial meltwater channels in sandstone at Hindostan Falls, Martin County, Indiana
Indiana Magazine of History, 1920
books on Martin County, by Bill Whorrall
article on the history of the settlement of Hindostan, Indiana

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