Courthouse Creek - Trailhead to NF French Broad

Courthouse Creek, North Carolina, US


Trailhead to NF French Broad

Usual Difficulty III-V+ (for normal flows)

courthouse falls

courthouse falls
Photo @ @ low

River Description

Limited info. There is a 45 foot near vertical waterfall on the run that gets hucked on occasion. The falls were probably first run by Kent Wigington and Russ Kulmar around 1992.
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Last Updated: 2006-12-22 17:00:25

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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July 14 2013 (1778 days ago)
jowensb (153610)
Ran this creek 7/5/2013 @ 2' 6" on the 215 bridge at the take out, the French Broad Rosman gauge
was around 2500 and dropping, we rant it & again on 7/7/2013 @ 2' 0" on the 215 bridge, the Rosman
gauge was around 1700 cfs. On 7/5/13 we got to the high water bridge, and choose not to drive
across and hiked up the 1.5 miles to the water fall, none of us ran the falls. There was some wood
in the section between the falls and the low water bridge but we didn't have to portage any rapids,
we only got out to scout for wood. There was less wood above the low water bridge than below the
low water bridge. On these dates you could paddle the stretch without portaging wood but a few
spots were tight or required some precise moves. This was a great run at 2' 6" and when we found
our selves out there again 2 days later at 2' we still had a good time. On 7/7/13 we did not drive
or hike up to the falls, just did a few laps from the low water bridge down. 2' is a good minimum,
any lower and it would probably get scrappy but I would do it again at 2' for sure.
September 22 2011 (2439 days ago)
x (1)
Alakaazam-information found, problem solved, thanks!
March 26 2009 (3349 days ago)
Josh CarterDetails
At what levels does it run? High on the North Fork gauge?
January 9 2007 (4156 days ago)
Chris GormanDetails
Below the falls is a class 5 section with lots of potential for wood. Most people put in on the
lower run from the low water bridge down. This option is great micro creeking with wood pontial. As
of December 06 there was only wood on one spot which was a mandatory portage and you can see it
from the road. There is more wood but you can sneak around it.
January 2 2007 (4163 days ago)
Adam HackenbergDetails
The road going up to Courthouse Falls is open again.
January 20 2006 (4510 days ago)
Sam SalmanDetails
To access the falls/creek: drive past the North Fork put-in a few miles, on 215, until you pass
through a very small community, there will be a small trout farm on your left- turn onto the forest
road on the right(It is currently gated off), just before the bridge:the creek will cross 215 here.
The falls are about 10min, by car, up the road. after the 2nd or so bridge there will be a trail
off to the left, park on the right and you can hike to the falls from here. For the upper portions
of the creek, continue driving/hiking up the dirt road. The creek is roadside the majority of the
way. There is a tributary, about 300yards up from the gate, which continues along HWY 215, which is
worth looking at: very tight, technical, steep slides and big drops.
May 23 2003 (5483 days ago)
Is this the roadside run that is part of the upper North Fork or just the waterfall?

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