Rapid Lightning Creek - Near Sandpoint

Rapid Lightning Creek, Idaho, US


Near Sandpoint

Usual Difficulty III-IV(V) (for normal flows)
Length 0.1 Miles

Rapid Lightning Creek, Idaho

Rapid Lightning Creek, Idaho
Photo of Chris Gorman taken 06/15/06

River Description

Rapid Lightning creek is a fun short creek run near Sandpoint, Idaho.


Take hwy 2 north from sandpoint.
Take a RIGHT on Colburn Culver Road.
After a few miles on Colburn Culver take a LEFT on Rapid Lighting rd (At the elementary school).
Drive up that road until you see whitewater. It is a Hike and Huck.

It is maybe 200 feet of class 4 followed by 250 yards of class 3+ runnout. It is pool drop at lower levels.

The first slide drops maybe 10-12 feet. It has a nasty slot in the middle of it. But as my group proved it is clean of wood as of June 2006.

Very fun run, although short. Worth doing if you are in the area.
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Last Updated: 2006-08-05 03:58:08

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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May 29 2010 (3095 days ago)
Eric CoxDetails
The log in the slot has somehow moved to the river right side of the slide. It's no longer in the
slot which significantly reduces the risk of getting pinned if you are off your line and end up in
the slot, but the standard line is on the river right. It can still be run on the right but the log
is right in the middle of the slide on the bottom right.
July 13 2008 (3780 days ago)
x (1)
We were scouting the drop last Saturday and there is a large log in the middle of the slot. It
looks like it got wedged down into the pothole and could be an extreme hazard if you fail to nail
the river right line. This log was very difficult to see at the level it was on Saturday. We did
not initially see it...we probably noticed it after about 10 minutes of being there. This pothole
is about 10' deep, so it's doubtful the log will be removed until the water level goes way down.
Please scout carefully and look very hard for wood on this run. Well, the water has dropped and the
log does not actually go down into the pothole. It is wedged down into the creek bottom with the
root ball sticking halfway up the drop...right at the pothole. I'm uploading some pics to the
library to show the log.

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