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Difficulty IV-V
Length 6.2 Miles
Flow Range 4.80 - 5.50 FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 4.73 [FT] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 07/28/2018 3:30 am

River Description

This run has always required a sense of adventure, but the requirements have increased in recent years. Previously, a hike in on a FS trail and hike out on a logging road were involved, but now a bridge closure has added 2-3 miles of additional hike-in on the road, plus the land at the take-out now belongs to Weyerhauser, who restrict access. Now you'll either need to get a permit from Weyerhauser to park at thier gate and hike out on their road, get permission to take out at Masonic Park or just run the next section of class 2+ for approx. 4 miles.

A run for those with a sense of adventure, since it includes a walk in on FS road and trail to the put-in at the confluence of the North and South Forks and a 1/2 mile hike out on a logging road. (You could continue on through the next section for 4 miles of class 2 instead). The run starts with some class 4 and class 3, then settles down into some flatwater through some beautiful gorges. After the flatwater the river takes off downhill through an exciting 1/2 mile section of continuous class 4-5 ledges and boulder gardens. After the 4/5 section the action lets up to class 3+, eventually slowing down to class 2 with a couple logjams in the last few miles. Still, if you don't mind working for your rewards, this may be just the trip for you. Just make sure to get an early start!

Update: Unfortunately the bridge over SF Canyon Creek is currently closed as of 2016 which adds an additional 2.5 miles of hike in on the road.

First known descent in March 2004 by Mike Tennant and Jeff Bowman.
2nd known descent in March 2004 by Mike Tennant, Dan Bogh and Joe Sauve.
No other known runs of this section. Please post comment if you have any information about other descents of this section.

TAKE-OUT: Head east on the Mountain Loop Highway from Granite Falls about 5 miles and look for the sign marking the entrance to Masonic Park, and gated timber road. Masonic Park is members only, so unless you're a member of the Mason's you'll need to use the Weyerhauser Bridge as your take-out (Permit from Weyerhauser required, currently $75/year Park near the gate in a wide turnout, careful not to block the gate. The creek is 1/2 mile from the gate, so save some energy at the end of the day for the walk back. Easiest access is on the downstream river right side of the bridge. This will be the first bridge you come to on the run.

Alternatively continue down the next (class 2+) section: Middle Canyon Creek

PUT-IN: Continue east on the Mountain Loop Highway approximately one mile and turn left onto USFS Road 41 (also called Green Mountain Road, and is across from the trailhead for the Old Robe Trail)). Continue approximately 9 miles on 41 to the bridge over the South Fork. Park here and continue on foot 2-3 miles and turn left onto Road 4140. The road from here on is fairly rough and overgrown. After .3 mile the road splits, go left and continue another .3 mile. Just before the road ends there is a small parking area on the right, just enough for a couple vehicles. Park here and walk 100 feet or so down the road to find the trailhead. There is a trail-marker a little ways from the start of the trail. From here it is about 1.5 miles hike (almost all downhill) to the creek. This is a USFS trail, but a relatively obscure one and doesn't receive alot of maintenance. Expect to drag your boat over some logs (all part of the fun). The trail ends near the confluence of the NF and SF of Canyon Creek, the put-in.

For an easier alternative, the lower 2 miles of this can be run as a class 3 run. See below in the comments for access info.



Rapid Descriptions


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Bob M
3 years ago

There's an alternate put in along here for those looking to add on a few miles (and 2-3 class III rapids) to the lower/hampton tree section -and aren't afraid of dragging your boat almost a mile. A mile into green mountain road you will find an overgrown road off to the left (can be seen on google maps). Park here and drag your boat about 0.8mile to a dead end along this road, and then get ready to bushwhack downhill a short steep stretch until you reach the river. From here the section will start out with about 2 or 3 class III rapids, followed by some fairly consistent II+ until you get to the hampton tree bridge.

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Thomas O'Keefe
3 years ago

Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest to Close Canyon Creek Bridge Everett, WA, Sept 21, 2016. – The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest will reclose Forest Service Road (FSR) 41 at the Canyon Creek Bridge on the Darrington Ranger District beginning September 26th, 2016. The bridge has structural issues and needs to be closed to motorized travel. Foot and bicycle travel is allowed beyond the bridge. FSR 41 will be closed beginning at the South Fork Canyon Creek Bridge to motor vehicles during this time. A barrier will be placed along the road beginning on September 26, 2016 and will remain in place until further notice. Learn more about recreation opportunities on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie website. Plan your visit check trail and road conditions or call the Forest Service office you plan to visit for more information.

Gage Descriptions

The first known descents were made at 4.8 feet and 5.0 feet on the SF Stillaguamish gage. The creek was low but runnable at these levels.

Higher levels may make the class 4/5 section quite pushy. Anyone who runs this stretch is encouraged to post comments about their experience including gage levels and how that corresponded to actual levels on the creek.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Joe Sauve


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