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Difficulty V
Length 0.7 Miles
Gauge Lockatong Creek at Raven Rock NJ
Flow Range 1200 - 7000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 4 years ago 0.6 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 05/13/2019 5:41 pm

River Description

General Description

This little tributary to the Delaware may offer the best in Class V steep creeking that New Jersey has to offer. For about a 1/2 mile, it offers up non-stop, very steep, technical drops that will get the adrenaline going for just about anyone. This little gem actually doesn't have a name but is located at the base of the cliff/rock formation known as the Devil's Tea Table located just about half way between Stockton and Frenchtown on Rt. 29. Given the nature of the run, the name seems fitting. There are only about 3 or 4 eddies big enough for more than one boat along this entire stretch and only a few more that will even fit one boat. Therefore, don't get on this run unless you are fully confident in your ability to read and react to continuous, steep drops and to catch micro-eddies as needed.

If the area has gotten 1 to 2" of heavy rain and the gauge for the Lock is going straight up and over 1200 cfs or if the Lock and the Wick are already too high, this may be running. My guess is that it will not be runnable more than a few hours after the rain stops. It probably is runnable just a handful of times a year so catch it when you can.


Rapid Description

The hundred yards or so above the first bridge features a continuous series of Class III/IV slides, which is all the warm-up you are going to get. Just above the bridge, the bottom drops out and it would be impossible to describe all the drops in any detail, since it is essentially one continuous rapid to the take-out. There are probably two drops of note though.


Right Out Of Hell:

The first is about 100 yards below the bridge where the creek drops into a very narrow slot on the left. At low flows, you will have to run this tight sketchy left slot, while at higher flow a very sweet 7’ boof off a slab rock opens up on the right side of the slot. The biggest drop of the run, currently dubbed “Jersey Devil”, is about 2/3’s of the way down. It is a steep 15-20 foot slide with an undercut wall along its right side. Run this left and expect to get pushed toward the right cliff at the bottom. Take-out at any available eddy on the left above the tunnel that takes the creek under Rt. 29 or if you've scouted it and it was clear, the tunnel has a nice steep slide in it that is runnable as long as it is clear of wood.


Since the entire run is roadside, make sure you know where any wood is and locate the nearest catchable eddy above the wood before you put-on. As of March 2008, there were no mandatory wood portages but a couple of trees that required tight lines which might not be acceptable for some to run. 



ACCESS: So far, there has been no problems with access, but as with any area, be very respectful of local residents so problems don't arise. Do not park in the resident's creek side parking spots above the .5 mile putin bridge.


Please do not park on Warsaw road below the .5 mile put in bridge unless you are in the one and only single car pull out at the 0.5 mile putin bridge itself. There is parking 100 yards north on Rt 29. Hike laps if need be, don't block the narrow road and be as descrete as possible on this posted private property.


Rapid Descriptions

Warm Up, Above Put In Bridge

Class - III+ Mile - 0

Till I get better pictures the scouting pictures will have to do. Pictured is the warm up class 2-3 section leading to the bridge.

I would walk up with the boat and put in just about where the upstream horizon line is. It's maybe 2 tenths of a mile above the bridge. A warm up is worth it as this creek kicks off strong just below the bridge. The whole run is about .7 miles long if starting from the "Warm Up" putin.


Everything downstream of the bridge I call class 5. It's always a wildcard how big the water will be so CL 5 fits this essentially single very long rapid. 

Entry to "Right Out Of Hell" at Horizon Line

Class - 5.0 Mile - 0.3

Note the V notch shimmer of water on the river Left horizon Line. That is the entry to the very ugly Hell slot. This slot catches all the wood.  I don't go anywhere near this line. I choose be hard river right. You can see the Van sized large dark unfriendly looking boulder leaning out as if undercut. (click on the picture to see clearly). I drive up over a shallow ledge right next to it  and bounce into the eddy that gives me a perfect shot at "Right From Hell's" 7 foot boof. At Higher water I might cross over in front of the Hell Slot but at my lower levels I felt there was too much guard rock action going on to get right. Jeff did this cross over to right line at low flow and said it was much harder than it looked like in the scout.


Either way Drive the boof hard and try to fall off the boof rock as flat as possible. Is should just be a typical creek hit and not a painful piton even if you screw it up. The landing rock formation seems somewhat friendly. If you roll over you'll be on more rock than water to brace up.


Hell Slot

Class - 5.0 Mile - 0.3

River Left slot that often traps wood. Always check. Run rapid to the right to run the 7ft boof, "Right Out Of Hell".  Cross over river Left to river Right moves in front of the Hell Slot are much more difficult than the scout would lead you to believe. I don't suggest this move (especially at lower water) if the Hell Slot is choked with wood.


Cloud 9 Eddy

Class - Mile - 0.4

The Creek starts taking off now and In 50 yards  there is a break coming at the biggest eddy on creek Left. Its the only slice of heaven here at Devil's and I like to think of it as "Cloud 9".  3 boaters can fit in hear briefly but 2 or 1 is much more manageable.


Cloud 9 swirls pretty fast. A swimmers boat  can easily get in here and stay in this eddy for a long time.

Once exiting the eddy be on the look out for a huge tree taking up 75% of the creek on river Left. Look to bounce down in the shallower Right side. You can see the tree coming far away to setup a good line or to get out.


The pace will increase in the middle 2 tenths of a mile so be ready for reactive combative paddling. All the eddies I saw at my Medium-Low run I typically just blew by not wanting to risk boating this beast backwards. It was very exciting reminded me of the excitement level of paddling the Blackwater and Green Narrows.


If you are not having a good time, Cloud 9 is the place to climb out.


Entry to the Jersey Devil

Class - 5.0 Mile - 0.49

Easy looking start to the "Jersey Devil"

Jersey Devil

Class - IV+ Mile - 0.5

Biggest Fastest section on the creek. It drops down about 20 ft in a series of small smooth ledges. What a blast!


At the top of the rapid is a triangle rock  in the middle of the flow that you keep on your right. Skip in for a great ride.

Under Cuts

Class - IV+ Mile - 0.51

The Under Cuts follow right after the Jersey Devil. Stay Left.

Exit Tunnel

Class - 5.0 Mile - 0.7

Towards the end the intensity of the river ramps down just a little. Its more shallow on the right and I used that to bounce and grind to a slower pace so I could really spot a single boat "eddy" so I could climb out. No trail is available. It's a short steep bushwhack. 



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Robert North
10 years ago

This is what it looks like with a reasonable flow

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Wayne Gman
12 years ago

Before the Tohickon releases this year (March 08) I completely removed all the wood from the Hell slot as well as cut a much larger window "through" the large creek wide strainer. Anyone who belongs on the run should be able to handle it till more wood collects. Its all easily scouted from the road.

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Wayne Gman
12 years ago

A month ago this run looked low and a bit draggy. The flow didn't seem optimal. We were very concerned about the wood stuffed into the left slot 100 yrd downstream of the bridge. The point here is that this creek was very deceptive in its look from the road. Besides being bigger at creek level which I expected the speed was way faster. If it looks fast it will be a rocket ride. At our lower level the cross over for the 7ft boof was tricky making us worry about taking the tail into the Left slot with wood for a very bad time. The large strainer a few hundred yards downstream is a major hazard with a tight passible river right line. I was told this week that the log guarding the tunnel was shifted by paddlers to open up the entry line into the tunnel. I just adopted this AW web page to make some changes since the original creater dropped the page (jamie?) Anyway I just wanted to clean it up, add a pictures and correct the gradient from 400 to 500+ which is what our gps said was the deal....FAST RUN @ FLOW. If the creator wants to do something else with it just let me know.

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Mark Zak
12 years ago

I've scouted this monkey from Warsaw Rd. before when I worked in Trenton. My initial beta indicated that this run may be called Cain's Run and/or Warsaw Creek. These names originated from the Revolutionary War. I believe the Devil's Tea Table is a far more appropriate name. The run certainly looks to be very flashy with a mix of some boulders and mostly bedrock slides and technical drops, probably a great compliment to a follow-up high water run on the Lock, Wick, or Tohickon/Geddes. As of my last check, there were at least two formidable strainers in the steep section which might have to be removed before the spring of 08 runs.

Gage Descriptions

The guage information provided above is for the Lockatong, which is the nearest USGS guage and a good indicator for this run.

If it looks like enough flow to run the bottom several drops, then go for it. This little screamer needs probably 1 1//2 to 2 inches of rain to get going. If the Lockatong is hitting 1200 cfs and still going straight up or if everything else in the area (Lock, Wick, Tohican) are all way high, then Devil's Tea Table may be a go, but probably not for long since it has tiny drainage area. If you have the skills, hit this before going for high water runs on the Lock or Wick or before you jump over to runs on the PA side.

Directions Description

Put-In and Take-out

Warsaw Road parallels the entire runnable length of this creek. There is a pull-out on the left about a 100 yards up from Rt. 29 that is a good spot to park a car for the take-out. You can scout pretty much the entire run from the road as you drive up to the put-in, but be forewarned, everything is bigger and steeper at creek level. There is a pull-out on the right about 200 yards above the first bridge that is a good spot for parking and finding a spot to put in. You could probably go another 1/2 mile up to the second bridge, but you wouldn't be gaining too much in terms of additional rapids.

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Stephen Strange


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