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Difficulty III
Length Miles
Gauge Batiscan at Batiscan, Rivière
Flow Range 30.0 - 100.0 CM/S
Flow Rate as of: 3 hours ago 150.9 [CM/S]
Reach Info Last Updated 08/17/2009 11:43 pm

River Description

The upper (class III) section of the Batiscan runs during the summer after periods of rain. It is located about one hour northwest of Quebec City in Reserve faunique de Portneuf (Portneuf Wildlife Reserve). This is a wonderful wilderness park of 300 square miles (775 sq km) with 375 lakes and 11 rivers.


From Quebec City, head west thru Saint-Raymond to Rivière-à-Pierre; from Trois-Rivieres head North thru Grand-Mere to Riviere-a-Pierre.

Go thru Rivière-à-Pierre (don't blink), following Rue Principale north, turn left on Rue Du Lac-Vert and find the Ranger Station and Reception Area (Poste d'accueil).

Check in there and pay your entrance fee. You can also get park maps and directions to the put-in/take-out. Go here for a map of the park.

The put-in and take-out are easy to find since there are so few roads in the park and they are located along the main routes. A vehicle with high ground clearance is recommended as the road has deep potholes and can be slightly flooded after heavy rains.

A reverse-shuttle is also recommended to the long shuttle time and long length of the river. Go to the take-out first and drop a car, only then return to the ranger station and proceed to the put-in. This way you'll be off the river before dark.


From the ranger station, the take-out is a 20 minute drive to the northwest. Follow Rue Du Lac-Vert and then Chemin Talbot to Park Entrance Talbot (Entree Talbot). Continue along Park Route Number 1 to the take-out where the road passes over the river.


From the ranger station, the put-in is about a 45 minute drive north. Take Rue Du Lac-vert back to Rue Principale. Follow Rue Principale then Chemin St-Laurent north into Park Entrance Rivière-à-Pierre (Entree Rivière-à-Pierre). Continue north along Park Route Number 2 to where the put-in where road passes over the river (there are two bridges, the second is preferred).

The toughest rapid is a long one near the put-in; it can be scouted from a path along river-right about a five minute walk from the second bridge put-in.


Regional Map – Rivers of the Mauricie Area

Des rivières de la région de outaouais (Région administrative 4)
Map by Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs


Technical info


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Other Resources

MYOSIS.CA Web Site (Débit des rivières for gage levels.)
La Fédération québécoise du canot et du kayak (FQCK) (Info débit for gage levels.)
Le club de canot-camping des Pays-d´en-Haut (CCCPH)

Regional Weather Canada, MétéoMédia Canada or Environment Canada forecast.

Rapid Descriptions

Rob's Demise

Class - 5.2 Mile - 1
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This is the Ale House, where I met my honey. They also have a brew called Louie's Demise!


So, I'm editing this existing rapid to prove at least that part works for me. And it does.


Gage Descriptions

Le Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec Gage

The Suivi Hydro Gage (ID 050304) is located in Saint-Stanislas, about 35 river miles downstream of this section. As such changes in river conditions will be delayed approximately half-a-day before being reflected in the gage.

To calculate estimated flow in the Gates of Hell section, multiply the Saint-Stanislas Gage reading by 0.64. The level chart below shows both actual gage levels and converted (estimated) levels for this river section.

Gage levels are reported in Meters Per Second; multiply by 35.3 to convert to CFS.


River Flow [Suivi Hydro Gage] Levels


Description   Actual   Converted
Minimum Sug Level:   ??   ??
Low (Bas)   ??   ??
Medium (Moyen)   55   35
High (Haut)   109   70
Flood (Crue)   180   115

Directions Description

From Highway 40 it is about a 45 minute drive to the Ranger Station in Rivière-à-Pierre. After checking in at the Ranger Station (where you can get directions to the put-in/take-out), it is a 20 minute drive to the take-out (along route 1), and a 45 minute drive (in a different direction) to the put-in (along route 2). A reverse shuttle is recommended after arriving at the Ranger Station due to the long drive required and since the Ranger Station is close to the take-out.

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