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Difficulty III
Length 3 Miles
Flow Range 4.00 - 7.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 49 minutes ago 2.22 [FT] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 05/23/2018 4:06 pm

River Description

The Farmington is often run during the autumn drawdown of Otis Reservoir.

ChuckB, on the Northeast Paddlers' Massage Board, says:
"The middle section is probably the one most commonly run and is rated conservatively as class III-IV. It is actually pretty steep, averaging about 75 ft/mi drop, but the low volume keeps the pace down so it isn't that difficult. It is very rocky and technical, but the moves aren't hard to make because the current is fairly easy, at least at lower levels. There are, I think, three spots that are a little harder than the rest which probably contributed to the IV rating. It's probably overrated, but this section is probably tough for canoes as there is not much maneuvering room. The common takeout for the middle section is at the American Legion field downstream of the New Boston bridge. There may be a fee involved but I can't remember.
"Each of the sections (Bear's Den Section, New Boston Section, and Upper New Boston) is a couple/few miles long and any one or two or three of them can be run together. Those three harder spots are pretty cool, especially one that has a four foot drop 'cause you can watch your probe disappear for a moment before reappearing behind the horizon line (unless you are the probe). This is a great river to work on your eddy hopping and boat scouting skills. Keep an eye out for strainers as the narrowness of the river could easily make a strainer impassable. There is not much in they way of play on this river, but idiots like me still try as evidenced by the scratches on my helmet and the gouges in my boat. The release level is really boney so pray for some rain to supplement it."

The Farmington releases come down out of Otis Reservoir. If you're looking for a bit of steep Class-V fun, check out Fall River.
Check out the river description at the Farmington River Watershed Association website.

Directions from the center of New Boston, about 1/4 of a mile north of the takeout for this section: For the takeout travel 1/4 mile south on MA Rte. 8. The put in is approximately 3 miles north of town on MA Rte. 8 by a steel bridge.
For a more detailed local map, click on the "Directions" tab.

Additional Info regarding changes since Hurricane Irene:

Riverken and I ran it today from Reservoir Road to the Legion. The Reservoir Road bridge is under construction and won't be done for awhile so you have to take Rte 23 to Rte 8 in Otis as a detour to get there. Its not marked well at Katie's Country Store where we usually turn on to Reservoir Road.

The gage was just under 5 feet when we put on which is a rocking fluid level and then it fell nearly a foot while we were on the river. IMO its now too scratchy to run.

The river has undergone some significant changes Post Irene. Most notably the Gorge at and above Decoration Rock and then Corkscrew.

The Gorge at and above Decoration rock is a very different rapid now. We did not even recognize it at first. Big rocks have moved. The right side drop at Decoration Rock is now blocked by a large edged rock below where the drop was which has eliminated the right side as the line of choice. The runnable line is now left of Decoration Rock and its not quite as thrilling as the old line.

Corkscrew has gotten a bit gnarlier. The major turn in the regular route to the right of the sharp rock that sticks up below the first and center pourover ledge ( you know the one ) is more difficult because there is a lot more flow pouring over the center ledge causing a bigger flow differential line which twists and rams a boat directly into and over another sharp rock and a hole below it which you will get stuck in because there is nowhere to go below that except to ram into the ledge. Riverken and I both decided this rapid is really screwed now, too nasty to run the regular route so we wimped out and did the left side sneak route which is still OK.

There were two other open boaters on the river with us at Corkscrew ( a father & son from NY named Stu and Martin ) that Ken knew from the Dryway. Dad was in an Outrage and son was in a Caption...both excellent open boaters with less fear than me. They both attempted the regular route and both met with the exact same fate that I described above. They were both good enough to move around on the hole after ramming the ledge and get themselves out without swimming but it wasn't pretty and the boats took a beating.

Recommend scouting the Gorge and the regular route through Corkscrew before trying them. It was a fun run overall, really a blast at 5 feet but too scratchy at the end of the day. Thats one technical run. Mucho rocks to push over and around. You really have to be on your game.

Info courtesy of Conrad Nuthman

Rapid Descriptions

Gorge rapids

Class - III+ Mile - 0.3
A series of 3 to 4 foot ledges closely spaced. Mostly boat scoutable by experienced paddlers. When the level exceeds 450 cfs you may want to scout from shore if you are not familiar with this section.

Battering Ram Rapids

Class - III+ Mile - 1.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Corkscrew Rapids

Class - III+ Mile - 2
Rapid Thumbnail Missing


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Andrew Stuart
11 years ago

Ran it at 4.6 yesterday and it was plenty fluid. I think 5 is a bit too high for a minimum level. I think 4.5 is safe. I even rolled a few times yesterday and didn't hit any rocks.

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12 years ago

Unless the gauge reads above 5.0 the New Boston section is likely too low.

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James Dougherty
12 years ago

We drove up from southern NY on 3/14/08 since it's said the minimun is 3.8 and the gauge read 4.7. We got there and it was too low. I didn't think ice on the gage would be an issue since we have had warmer weather than usaul.I ended up paddling Bulls that day and met three others who said the same thing happened to them recently. Otis Resevoir was releasing/spilling over as well, still it was too low. I would suggest not going unless it just rained and/or someone can give you a visaul comfirmation or your a short drive away.

Gage Descriptions

Latest word on 2011 release is they are ON!!!

2010 Farmington / Fall River releases (Otis reservoir)




Sat.-Sun., Sept. 18-19 All day 250 cfs NESS Slalom Race
Sat.-Sun., Oct. 2-3 Cancelled -- Low reservoir level
Sat.-Sun., Oct. 16-17 Cancelled -- Low reservoir level
Sat.-Sun., Oct. 23-24 Cancelled -- Low reservoir level

The water usually starts to be released very late on Friday or early morning on Saturday and continues spilling through the weekend until late afternoon on Sunday.
Source for release schedule info: AMC, Boston chapter

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

No Accident Reports




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Join Us for the (virtual) Deerfield Fest this Friday!

Robert Nasdor

Whitewater boaters from Maine to Pennsylvania gather each June in Charlemont, MA to celebrate whitewater boating and American Whitewater's river advocacy to protect, restore, and enjoy our northeast rivers. While we can't gather in-person this year, we'll be having a virtual Deerfield Fest Membership Event this Friday, June 26th at 7 pm (EST) . We'll be giving away some fun AW merchandise and other prizes for those who JOIN or RENEW their AW Membership and join us on Friday, so REGISTER for the virtual Deerfield River Membership Event today and join us for this fun event in support of AW. (Photo by Alan MacRae)

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Deerfield River (MA) Flow Studies to Explore New & Improved Boating Opportunity

Robert Nasdor

In response to requests by American Whitewater, several affiliates, and other stakeholders, FERC directed Brookfield Renewable to study the impact of its hydropower operations on whitewater boating on the Deerfield River in western Massachusetts. Boating groups and our supporters are seeking to determine optimal whitewater boating flows from the Fife Brook Dam and whether changes in hydropower operations would enhance boating opportunities, access and navigation.

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AW Responds To Connecticut River Boating Study (MA)

Robert Nasdor

American Whitewater, along with other paddling groups and outfitters, filed comments with FERC responding to the Whitewater Boating Evaluation at Turners Falls on the Connecticut River. The study showed that there is strong demand for boating on this section of the Connecticut River if sufficient flows, scheduled releases, better access, and real-time information are provided. The groups filed the comments in order to provide additional information for the environmental review and to respond to the unsupported statements by FirstLight, the utility performing the study, claiming that there is little demand for boating at Turners Falls.

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Bellows Falls (VT) Flow Study Reveals Hidden Whitewater

Robert Nasdor

A hardy group of northeast boaters climbed into the natural river channel below a hydropower dam to participate in a flow study designed to assess whether whitewater flows should be restored to this dewatered river reach on the Connecticut River. While significant obstacles remain, this site has the potential for providing instruction, playboating, and a big water feature that that could be run throughout much of the year and provide a much needed boost to the local economy. 

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AW Opposes CT Farmington River Diversion

Bob Nasdor

American Whitewater has filed comments opposing the further diversion of water from the Farmington river in Connecticut by the Metropolitan District Commission.  The Commission is proposing to divert up to 5 million gpd in order to supply the water needs of the University of Connecticut.  The proposed diversion would reduce river flows and potentially affect paddling opportunities at Tarrifville, a valuable whitewater resource.


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