(Eagle, CO) –The Town of Eagle recently adopted the Town of Eagle - River Corridor Plan, an ambitious project that aims to strengthen the town’s connection to its river. As spelled out in the comprehensive master plan, this improved connection will be achieved through a variety of steps, including: allowing for development within Eagle’s downtown to extend to the river; construction of soft and paved trails along the river corridor; enhancement of existing public open space areas, as well as the creation of new public open spaces along the river; and development of new public parks adjacent to the river.

American Whitewater was invited by the Town to assist with the project in July 2015. “I would like to continue developing a relationship with American Whitewater as the Town moves forward with the Eagle River Park and implementation of the Town’s River Corridor Plan. The primary goal of the plan is to provide residents and visitors opportunities to enjoy the Eagle River that simply do not exist today,” noted town of Eagle assistant planner and avid kayaker Matt Farrar. “The plan provides that access through trails, parks, new and improved put-in and take-outs and more.”

Access to the river for boaters, anglers, cyclists, nature lovers and other potential users is currently very limited. In fact, a large portion of land adjacent to the river is currently being used as a truck stop, with a chain link fence prohibiting access to the river and its banks. The plan calls for the truck stop to be replaced by the Eagle River Park, a combination of in-stream features and riverside park.

The Eagle River Park, a major component of the plan, will be a prominent and highly visible amenity of the town and is intended to serve as not only a quality of life improvement for residents, but also be a regional and national draw for recreation and competition, as well as provide economic vitality and diversity. Working with renowned whitewater engineering firm S2O Design, the in-stream features alone will be a significant attraction.

More information, additional resources and the entire Eagle River Corridor Plan can be viewed at www.townofeaglerivercorridorplan.org.