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Glossary for Navigability ReportĀ©

Allodial: from allodium - an estate held indefinitely or for potentially indefinite duration.

Appropriated: to be set apart for or assign to a particular purpose or use.

Boatable: capable of being floated by recreational craft.

Dispositive: from disposition - a final settlement or determination.

Floatage: the act of floating; often refers to transport of commercial goods.

Impoundment: obstruction, e.g. dam.

Laws of the Partidas: the prior existing Spanish laws that the New Mexico Constitution is based on.

Riparian: relating to the bank of a natural watercourse.

Riverine: relating to a river.

Silviculture: a branch of forestry dealing with the development and care of forests.

Subaqueous: underwater.

Trotline: a comparatively short setline used near shore or along streams.

Setline: a long heavy fishing line to which several hooks are attached in series.

Usufructuary: from usufruct - a right to use and enjoy another's property without damaging or diminishing the property.

Watercourse: natural or manmade channel through which water flows.