Affiliate Clubs


American Whitewater was originally formed by a coalition of clubs in 1954. Today, American Whitewater Affiliate Clubs remain an important part of AW's river Stewardship work.

American Whitewater Affiliate Clubs are official, dues-paying clubs of American Whitewater that receive many benefits for this membership (see below).

To join as an Affiliate Club, simply go to our Join or Renew form or call us at 1-866-262-8429. Thanks!

Why Join as an Affiliate Club

  1. Support river access and restoration through the AW River Stewardship Team.
  2. Be part of a national voice for the protection of the whitewater rivers your club values.
  3. Tap into the professional expertise of AW staff for river issues that come up in your backyard.
  4. Your club’s members can become AW members for $25. A $10 savings!
  5. Receive the American Whitewater Journal, the oldest continually published whitewater magazine.
  6. Your club is recognized in the list of Affiliate Clubs posted to the AW website.
  7. Recognize your club in the list of Affiliate Clubs noted in each bi-monthly AW Journal.
  8. Post Club information on the AW Website to help paddlers find you.
  9. Gain Club satisfaction from lending support to AW’s stewardship efforts.
  10. Improve your club members river karma.

Annual Club Membership Dues are $100. If just ten of your members join AW at the discounted rate, this pays for itself!


For more information about our clubs program, please contact Bethany Overfield, 1-866-262-8429.

Join AW and support river stewardship nationwide!