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Gauley Fest Entrance Fees

  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: $25
  • Friday and Saturday: $20
  • Saturday only: $15

Note: these are the exact same prices for attendance and camping that were in place, unchanged for over a decade (really!). However, what is no longer available are non-camping, entrance-only passes. This minor change is to simplify the pricing and to minimize the number of people who were trying to underpay on their way into the Festival - Gauley Fest is after all a fundraiser for American Whitewater.

Why we made the change: The alternative is some sort of complicated bracelet and pricing system where you have to go around checking people’s wristbands constantly or have non-campers leave after a certain time. It’s just not worth it, it would ruin the great vibe that is Gauley Fest. We’d rather have everyone pay the same, simple prices on the way in and then let everybody just concentrate on having a good time.

We encourage you to remember that American Whitewater is a non-profit organization and Gauley Fest is our biggest fundraiser of the year. All the money raised goes to fund our river stewardship projects.