Ongoing Projects

  • Working to protect wild and scenic rivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin from multiple threats including bridge construction.
  • Fighting to prevent any further changes in navigability laws in Minnesota, which would reduce public access to state rivers and streams.

Recent Successes

  • Volunteers secured a public access point for the popular play spot at Hidalgo Falls, Texas.
  • Saved several streamgages from termination due to lack of funding in Oklahoma.
  • Acquired a public access take-out on the Elkhorn River, KY.
  • Helped secure releases and access on the Russell Fork, KY/VA.
  • Protected access on Teeters Creek, OH
  • Settlement Agreement on Wisconsin River (Rhinelander reach) that includes whitewater release schedule
  • Party to Wilderness Shores Settlement Agreement establishing recreation flow schedules and improved access to multiple river reaches impacted by hydropower dams.
  • Agreement to remove Dam on Sturgeon River, Michigan thereby restoring whitewater rapids.

Future Challenges

  • Securing access to rivers around Kansas City, KS.