Share the River: Protect Our Ability to Enjoy Them

Positive, cooperative relationships between river users are important to the future of paddlesports and to the future of rivers themselves. Please follow the guidelines below in an effort to establish or maintain positive relationships with other river users. Unnecessary conflicts may result in unwanted regulations and enforcement actions that may limit opportunities and enjoyment of the river. Rules of the Road

  • At put-ins and take-outs behave in a friendly, positive manner toward others and be helpful to those who might need assistance. Be mindful of the time that you are spending occupying the launch or take-out area so that you do not unfairly restrict opportunities for others.
  • Allow for spacing up and downstream of others, particularly in a rapid, and seek to avoid collisions. Colliding boaters should not leave the scene without checking with the other paddlers and making sure that they are unhurt. Do not take any action that escalates conflict.
  • When entering a rapid, the upstream craft has the right of way. Those entering the current should yield to those already in it. Never cut in front of an oncoming boat.
  • When exiting the current, avoid eddies that are full, if possible, and take care when entering occupied eddies. Exit an eddy when you see approaching boats, to facilitate your safe exit and entry, respectively.
  • When playing, avoid blocking navigation by yielding to oncoming, upstream craft. Exit a play spot after a reasonable time to allow someone else to use it.
  • Always provide assistance to others who are in trouble or who are injured. Provide whatever assistance you are qualified to give or help them in obtaining assistance.
  • When traveling on rivers and camping overnight, consult with other groups on the water about their stopping and camping intentions, and strive to cooperate by spreading out among desirable locations. Do not invade another party.s campsite: If darkness, emergency or other factors require you to set a camp close to others, always explain the situation and attempt to gain their understanding while respecting their privacy.