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PG&E to Increase Water Flows Below Pit 4, Pit 5 Dams (CA) in October

Posted: 09/30/2010
By: Paul D. Martzen

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will increase and vary water flows in the Pit River in October to test and calibrate newly installed flow gates on the Pit 4 and Pit 5 dams in eastern Shasta County.

Recreationists, anglers, boaters and others in the area are advised that river levels will vary between Monday, Oct. 4 and Tuesday, Oct. 26 in the reaches below the Pit 4 and Pit 5 dams.  PG&E will increase the flows to a maximum of 1,500 cubic feet per second (cfs), but the increases will be gradual and rise at a rate of about 6 inches an hour.  The maximum flow will mimic the flows seen in many winter years following wet weather when dams spill over.  Typical October flows are 200 to 400 cfs.

The newly installed flow devices will allow PG&E to meet the new instream flows required by the license conditions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which requires the minimum instream flow be between 350 and 600 cubic feet per second during various months of the year.

Upon completion of the start up and testing, PG&E will return to normal river operations.


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