Gore Canyon Race Scores for Access

Posted: 09/10/2001
By: Risa Shimoda
Ninety three kayakers and thirty one rafts created a terrific show of skill at
the 2001 Gore Canyon Race on August 25th. Paddlers from around the
country (including Jeff Snyder, striding!) joined to support safe fun, and a
fundraiser for American Whitewater and Colorado Whitewater Assn. in
their effort to insure access to rivers in the access-challenged state of

Safety was set expertly by Tim Kelley, assisted by 28 in a well-organized
skilled safety team, statined at each of the five primary rapids.

From the takeout, spectators either hiked up the canyon or watched from
the Pumphouse Recreation Area, able to view an almost-live race on the
Jumbotron screen, erected high above Teva's performance stage.

Thanks to Paul Tefft and his organizers, Adam and Liz from Teva, BLM
managers, Annie Chamberlain on the all-day microphone, the safeties
and the racers, for being safe.

Notably, American Whitewater grew with 28 new members and a handful
of generous donations from racers and the safety crew-some of whom
donated their entire winner's check to AW (Tanya, Aaron, Andy, Mike,
Tom...that's you!). Scott Young, Tim, Hans...so many of you made this a
super win for access.

Risa Shimoda

601 Hudson Ave #102

Takoma Park, MD 20912-3213

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