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Help Protect Utah’s Potential Wild and Scenic Rivers!

Posted: 04/12/2008
By: Nathan Fey

In 2007 the Forest Service began a statewide study of rivers in Utah’s National Forests to determine which are suitable for protection, and should become Wild and Scenic Rivers.  Last November the Forest Service released a Draft Enironmental Impact Statement that included its preliminary recommendations.  Unfortunately, the list or rivers that were recommended to be protected as Wild and Scenic Rivers was woefully inadequate. 

In their Draft EIS, the Forest Service recommended only 24 non-controversial river segments to become Wild and Scenic Rivers.  This includes some truly iconic rivers like the Green, but it leaves out other beloved rivers such as the Logan, Dark Canyon, and Fish and Gooseberry Creeks.   During the formal comment period thousands of individuals and many organizations spoke out against this, arguing for more rivers to be protected. 

The good news is that, the Forest Services’ initial list is just a Draft.  Until the Final EIS is released in the fall the Forest Service is in the process of revising that list based on information and comments it receives.  Although the formal comment period has passed, the Forest Service still needs to hear from people in order to make a good decision.  Utah's rivers need your help to make sure the Forest Service doesn’t ignore their outstanding values!

Please take a few minutes to add your voice in support of the most amazing rivers in Utah’s National Forests by signing the Utah Rivers Council's petition.  

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