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Help pass Colorado's "Right to Float" legislation

Posted: 03/17/2010
By: Nathan Fey

Your help is critical to passing Colorado's House Bill 1188 and protecting the general publics right to float. The last time the Colorado General Assembly considered a river access bill was 1996. The bill didn't even make it to the House floor. Please make sure this precious opportunity to clarify and codify the right to float in Colorado is not squandered.


First, thank Representative Curry and Senator Hodges for sponsoring the bill. The opposition has really turned up the heat and is trying to wear them down. Thank them for including all members of the boating public.

Second, let Colorado's Senators, Representatives, and Governor Ritter know you support House Bill 1188, provided that it applies to all members of the boating public. If you are website savvy, go to the Colorado General Assembly website and see who voted for the bill. Thank them and urge them to protect the rights of all members of the boating public. Urge those who voted against the bill to support it now. The opposition has lots of money and has been aggressively calling and emailing in an effort to defeat the bill. Don't let them outwork you.

Third, thank Colorado Senator Chris Romer for his commitment to keep all members of the boating public in the bill. You know the opposition will work hard to kill the bill. It's nice to know you have a tough, smart Senator watching your back. Go to Senator Romer's facebook page ( and let him know you appreciate his support.

Finally, encourage your friends to join and support AW and Colorado Whitewater. Our commitment to River Access is unequaled and we have worked exceptionally hard on House Bill 1188. Given the importance of this bill, AW's affilate club Colorado Whitewater has hired a lobbyist. If you can afford it, make a donation. We may not have the deep pockets of those who want to privatize our public waters, but your donation will help ensure our voice is heard.



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