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Whitewater Releases Scheduled for the Mokelumne River, California

Posted: 05/10/2002
By: John Gangemi
In late May and early June there are scheduled releases on the Tiger Creek (Class IV) and Ponderosa Way (Class III) sections of the Mokelumne River. American Whitewater secured these releases in the relicense process for the Mokelumne Hydroelectric Project.

Releases will occur on Tiger Creek on the following weekends: May 25 and 26; June 1 and 2; June 8 and 9. The Tiger Creek section is roughly three miles long. The put in is directly downstream of the Tiger Creek afterbay dam. Use the dirt road to access the river. Take-out at the Red Corral Road bridge.

Releases will occur on the Ponderosa Way section on May 25th only. The Ponderosa Way section can be combined with the Class II Electra Run downstream making a six mile paddle. You can also add an additional three miles by paddling downstream of Highway 49 to the Middle Bar bridge.

Releases for Tiger Creek Dam and Ponderosa Way are from 9 AM to 3 PM. For up to date flows and a schedule of whitewater releases visit the flow information page for the Mokelumne brought to you by American Whitewater.

During your visit to the Mokelumne please exercise appropriate boater etiquette including respect for other river recreationists. There is limiting parking at the put-ins and take-outs and no trash receptacles. There will be periodic monitoring of these whitewater releases to get appropriate counts on whitewater use, behavior and biological effects of flows on the river environment. Be courteous to the individuals conducting the monitoring. Future releases are dependent on use and biological monitoring.

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