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Nine Days of Whitewater Flows for the San Joaquin River on Horseshoe Bend (CA)

Posted: 05/09/2024
By: Jeff Venturino and Theresa Lorejo-Simsiman

Southern California Edison (SCE) has released the first 2024 forecast for flows on the San Joaquin River Horseshoe Bend Reach. As of May 14th, SCE anticipates providing boatable flows from May 25th to June 2nd. SCE’s operating license requires that they release up to 9 days of boating flows in wetter water years using a prolonged ramp down. These boating flows range from 3500 to 1600 cfs. However, keep in mind these dates are a forecast and are subject to change based on when SCE actually has control of spill.
A slow ramp down of spill mimics a natural snowmelt period which improves conditions for native aquatic fish and mussels, controls invasive species that thrive in warmer water, and provides whitewater recreation opportunities. This boating flow requirement is a result of American Whitewater’s negotiated Long Term Operating Rules for the Big Creek 4 hydropower project. The Operating Rules are monitored by American Whitewater, in collaboration with managing state and federal agencies, and the North Fork Mono Tribe. 

Tentative Boatable Flow Schedule: (revised 5/21/24)
5/25/2024  1  3500‐3000 
5/26/2024  2  3000‐2500  
5/27/2024  3  2500‐2000  
5/28/2024  4  2500‐2000   
5/29/2024  5  2500‐2000  
5/30/2024  6  2500‐2000  
5/31/2024  7  2500‐2000  
6/1/2024  8  2000‐1600  
6/2/2024  9  2000‐1600  

Flows from 6/3/2024 to 6/14 2024 will continue to step down between 300 and 250 cfs per day.

 Make sure to check the river gage before heading out and enjoy!

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