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Ask the Forest Service to Protect Our Nation's Headwaters

Posted: 05/09/2024
By: Hattie Johnson

Healthy headwaters are integral to the flowing and functioning rivers and streams we all love to paddle. An incredibly crucial aspect of these headwaters are fens. Fens are a rare type of “old-growth” wetland that play a crucial role in climate resilience and are renowned as biodiversity hotspots and natural reservoirs.In Colorado, there are reservoirs being proposed now - like Homestake II in the headwaters of the Eagle River - that could affect these headwater fens on National Forest lands. Join us in signing this petition asking the Forest Service to create strong safeguards for this most precious water resource.

In light of drastically narrowed protections for wetlands from the Supreme Court’s Sackett decision and threats from new dams, pollution, and other human disturbances, now is a crucial time to ensure strong federal protections for these valuable wetlands.

Fens take thousands of years to form and are impossible to restore to their original condition once damaged; they can quickly go from being a carbon sink to carbon source. This makes them integral to the quality and quantity of water folks recreate on. Fens lack the federal protections needed to remain intact and healthy in the face of new dams, grazing, pollution, and other human disturbances, and that is why we’re asking you to take action today and sign onto this petition!

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