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Restore is a special publication of the Hydropower Reform Coalition, which provides an overview of dam removal nationally, and documents past, current, and planned removals in the Pacific Northwest. The Coalition developed this report to discuss removal of hydropower and other dams as a topic and to highlight restoration successes and community and watershed benefits from dam removal in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.


A Special Publication of the Hydropower Reform Coalition on Dam Removal in the Pacific Northwest.

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Associated Projects

Bear River Restoration (ID)

Hydropower relicensing on the Bear River offered an opportunity to restore aquatic resources and recreational opportunities on this river.

Canadian Whitewater

This project is a collection of resources and tools for volunteers interested in protecting and restoring Canadian whitewater rivers.

Elwha Restoration (WA)

The Elwha River will be restored by removing two dams that have blocked salmon and degraded recreational opportunities on one of the Pacific Northwest's most spectacular rivers.

Restoring the Rogue (OR)

One of the great Rivers of the West, preserving the the Wild Rogue and restoring upstream reaches impacted by dams are priorities for American Whitewater.

Sandy River Restoration (OR)

AW is working to protect the Sandy River Gorge and restore the river through removal of Marmot Dam in Oregon.

Sullivan Creek (WA)

Two dams in the Sullivan Creek watershed no longer generate power. One was removed in 2017 as the result of a 2010 Settlement Agreement.

Volcano Country (OR/WA)

The rivers of Volcano Country within and surrounding the Gifford Pinchot National Forest represent some of the nation's most spectacular whitewater resources.

White Salmon Restoration (WA)

American Whitewater has been engaged in a long-term effort to protect and restore one of the Pacific Northwest's most spectacular year-around whitewater rivers.

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