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Canadian Whitewater

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Rivers don't stop at international borders and conservation efforts should not either. Though American Whitewater currently does not have the resources in place to fully implement our mission across international boundaries, we have often supported Canadian based river conservation efforts. We have begun this web page as a resource for paddlers on both sides of the border interested in protecting and restoring the incredible whitewater rivers of Canada.

We look forward to working with local paddlers to support a network of paddling river advocates and tools for those interesteded in protecting and restoring Canada's whitewater rivers.

We are working on expanding our river pages to include the Canadian provinces.



The contacts below include staff and volunteers working on this project. Make sure you are logged in if you wish to join the group.

Title Name City
Thomas O'Keefe Seattle WA Details...
Kevin Colburn Missoula MT Details...

Associated Rivers

Flathead, North Fork MT
Flathead, North Fork MT

Associated Projects

Protecting the Ashlu (BC)

A hydropower project is now being constructed on this wonderful creek in Southwest British Columbia.


Restore: Responsibly Reviving America's Rivers (1/7/2011)

A Special Publication of the Hydropower Reform Coalition on Dam Removal in the Pacific Northwest.

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