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Prevent a New Dam on the San Joaquin (CA)

09/19/2018 - by Theresa Simsiman

We need your help to protect the San Joaquin River! The proposed Temperance Flat Dam would drown an incredible river canyon that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has already recommended for Wild and Scenic River designation. Despite the enormous price tag of at least $2.6 billion, according to the Bureau of Reclamation's preferred alternative for the project, the dam would only yield 70,000 acre-feet of water per year on average. Take action today.

Wild and Scenic Study Report Released for Mokelumne (CA)

02/07/2018 - by Megan Hooker

The California Natural Resources Agency recently released the draft Mokelumne River Wild and Scenic Study Report. Recognizing the river's extraordinary scenic and recreational resources, the agency recommends that 37 miles be added to the California Wild and Scenic River System. The agency wants to hear from you about their recommendations by March 8th, and will hold a public hearing about the draft report on Thursday, February 15th in Mokelumne Hill.

Rock Creek Access On NF Feather River Opened at Last! (CA)

06/14/2017 - by Megan Hooker

On June 13, 2017 the Rock Creek Bench river access site on the North Fork Feather River officially opened during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) constructed the site as part of a post FERC licensing agreement with American Whitewater and other members of the Ecological Resources Committee. This access provides a huge safety improvement over how paddlers have accessed this river reach, and marks the completion of the last major goal for American Whitewater in restoring this section of river.

Take Action: Call for a Hearing on Oroville Dam (CA)

04/27/2017 - by Megan Hooker

Earlier this year, two spillways at Oroville Dam on the Feather River in California became severely compromised, prompting the evacuation of approximately 188,000 people. The impact of the failure of these spillways continues to have a significant impact on the river and downstream communities. Those who live downstream of Oroville Dam–along with citizens across the country who live in the shadow of high-hazard hydropower dams–deserve to understand what happened, the full impacts, and what is being done about it. American Whitewater is joining with others to call for a Congressional hearing into these issues and ensure that the public has a voice in the process. Learn more about how you can help our efforts…

American Whitewater Staff to Testify In Congress on Hydropower’s Future

03/14/2017 - by Kevin Colburn

American Whitewater California staff Dave Steindorf will testify before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives at 1:15pm on Wednesday, March 15th, on behalf of the Hydropower Reform Coalition. The hearing will explore the opportunities and challenges of expanding hydropower generation in the US. Dave has over 20 years of experience negotiating environmental and recreational improvements at existing hydropower dams on behalf of the paddling community. Click through to watch the hearing.


PG&E Withdraws License Application on Butte Creek

02/06/2017 - by Dave Steindorf

PG&E announced on February 2, 2017 that it was withdrawing its application to relicense the DeSabla – Centerville Hydroelectric Project on Butte Creek and the West Branch Feather River.  PG&E engaged in a fifteen year relicensing process, spent tens of millions, only to determine that the energy from this project has been replaced by solar power.

TAKE ACTION!! Protect OR's NF Smith Watershed!

09/15/2016 - by Megan Hooker

The Oregon Water Resources Department recently proposed a new rule that will protect the instream uses of the Smith River and its tributaries. The rule is a critical step in proactively safeguarding the fish, wildlife, and recreation uses of the waters of the Smith River watershed in Oregon from ill-advised water development such as large-scale mining proposals. The agency is requesting public comment by 5 p.m. on October 28th, and we encourage you to weigh in!

American Whitewater Festival Season is Here!

08/08/2016 - by Evan Stafford

As summer winds down and as botable flows fade along with it, you may find yourself looking for one last hurrah. One more chance to gather with the tribe, paddle an exciting stretch of whitewater and dance into the wee hours of the night wih the reckless abandon only a gypsy boater can. Look no further! American Whitewater provides the flows and the party, with the three best paddling festivals of the summer right around the corner – Gore Festival (CO) August 26-28, Gauley River Festival (WV) September 15-18, and Feather River Festival (CA) September 23-25

Help Protect S. Sierra Whitewater Rivers (CA)!

08/04/2016 - by Megan Hooker

This summer the Sierra, Sequoia and Inyo National Forests are seeking feedback from the public on their update and revisions to Forest Management Plans. These plans set the stage for how the forest will be managed for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, the agency's draft analysis on Wild and Scenic Rivers has largely neglected whitewater recreation values of classic whitewater rivers, including Dinkey Creek. Paddler's voices are important in this process! The deadline to comment is August 25th.

Oregon Paddlers! Take Action to Protect the NF Smith River!

03/24/2016 - by Evan Stafford

Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission is considering whether to protect the North Fork Smith and its tributaries under the Clean Water Act's highest type of water quality protection. The river is threatened by a nickel strip mine proposal in its headwaters, and you can help protect the North Fork Smith and its tributaries by weighing in

New and Bigger Dams Threaten California Rivers

03/22/2016 - by Evan Stafford

California is emerging from a multi-year drought and numerous dam proposals threaten rivers throughout the state. These proposals do little to address the state's water concerns and come with a hefty price tag. American Whitewater is focusing efforts to stop these unnecessary surface storage projects.

Yosemite Seeks Comments on Wilderness Plan

12/11/2015 - by Megan Hooker

Yosemite National Park recently announced that it is beginning the process of updating its Wilderness Stewardship Plan, and has requested that the public provide comment about the future of the Park's Wilderness lands. As we celebrate that boaters can now access the Merced and Tuolumne Rivers within the Park for the first time in decades, the rest of the rivers in the Park remain closed to paddling. The Wilderness Stewardship Planning process provides an opportunity to ask the Park to consider changing this. American Whitewater successfully advocated that the Park view "rivers as trails and boats as backpacks" on the Merced and Tuolumne, and we believe this approach is relevant again. We encourage paddlers to speak up during the scoping process, which closes January 29th. 

Camping Now Open on Middle Fork American River

06/07/2015 - by Theresa Simsiman

After a private boater was cited for misdemeanor criminal charges for camping, American Whitewater asked California State Department of Parks and Recreation to reconsider their camping policy on the Middle Fork American River (MFA).  This policy essentially banned private boating camping from July to October to reduce the risk of fire.  In a letter to Superintendent Mike Lynch, Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA), Dave Steindorf acknowledged the importance of protecting the recreation area from fire risks but did not believe State Park’s intent was to exclude private boaters from enjoying a river camping experience on the MFA.   

Merced in Yosemite–Officially Open at Last!!

04/27/2015 - by Megan Hooker

On Friday, April 24, 2015, the Merced River in Yosemite National Park was officially reopened to paddlers! Even though the new Wild and Scenic River Plan was finalized a year ago, the actual rules and regulations for the Park were finally updated on Friday. This marks the culmination of seven years of sustained engagement by American Whitewater with the National Park Service and other stakeholders. 

Tuolumne River (CA) Paddle to Sea 2015

03/19/2015 - by Megan Hooker

Paddle to the Sea is the Tuolumne River Trust's annual paddle-a-thon to protect the Tuolumne River and raise funds and awareness for river stewardship. Sign yourself or your team up for a fun one-day paddle in May or June on the Tuolumne or American River, or challenge yourself to go the distance from the Sierra to the Sea! All funds raised support the Tuolumne River Trust's work to recover from the 2013 Rim Fire, educate the community about water conservation and efficiency, and restore the watershed.

American Whitewater Opposes Temperance Flat Dam (CA)

10/30/2014 - by Megan Hooker

American Whitewater submitted comments this week to the Bureau of Reclamation in opposition of the proposed Temperance Flat Dam slated for the San Joaquin River in California. The proposed dam would inundate a reach of river that the Bureau of Land Management recognized as suitable for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System for its cultral and scenic values. Temperance Flat Dam will have steep economic and resource costs while yeilding little water, and is not the solution to California's extreme drought.

ACTION ALERT: Save San Joaquin River Gorge from New Dam (CA)

10/08/2014 - by Megan Hooker

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) is proposing to build another large dam on California's San Joaquin River. If built, the Temperance Flat Dam would have significant impacts to the San Joaquin River Gorge, including drowning several Class III-V whitewater runs, such as Patterson Bend. The BOR took a major step forward in bringing the dam into reality when it released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project last month. You can stand up for the San Joaquin by attending a public hearing during the week of October 13th, or submitting public comment by October 27th.

AW Weighs in on Forest Planning Process in California

09/29/2014 - by Megan Hooker

California's Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests are home to many rivers cherished by the whitewater community, including the Kern, Kings, and Merced Rivers and Dinkey Creek. On Monday, September 29th, American Whitewater asked the Forest Service to recognize the importance of these and other rivers for whitewater recreation activities, and to update and expand protections for them. Our comments come as the three forests begin the NEPA process for updating their forest management plans.

Action Alert! Speak Up for CA Rivers Threatened by Drought Bills

05/23/2014 - by Megan Hooker

The Senate unanimously passed a drought relief bill for California last night. There's a good chance that important river protections, restoration efforts and the Wild and Scenic Merced will get caught in the middle when the bill goes to conference in the House. Help us keep these river protections strong! No matter your home state, contact your Senators and Representatives to speak up for rivers in California and Wild and Scenic Rivers everywhere!

Yosemite Releases Tuolumne River Plan

03/21/2014 - by Megan Hooker

On Friday, March 14th, Yosemite National Park released their Final Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River Final Comprehensive Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, announcing that boaters will have the opportunity to enjoy the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne by kayak on a trial basis. While we’re pleased that the Park has placed boating on equal footing for this reach, we're disappointed that the plan continues to prohibit boating on the rest of the river.

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