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As of 2006, we have a new permitting system on the Grand Canyon. This system is the result of years of legal and administrative battles and in fact is still subject to these same challenges. Regardless few would argue that the new plan is not better than the old one - or that it is perfect. The 25 year wait-list has been replaced with a weighted lottery, which gives preference to people who were on the wait list and who have not recently paddled the canyon. To learn more, we recommend that interested paddlers read the Frequently Asked Questions on the NPS Grand Canyon website.

A Brief History

1955: AW reports a descent of the Grand Canyon.

1957: AW reports early impacts of dam construction.

1958: AW reports a descent of the Grand Canyon and frustrations with dam building.

1960: AW reports a descent of the Grand Canyon.

1964: AW mourns the loss of Glen Canyon, and say farewell in our Journal.

1974: AW and CWWA oppose inequities in the permitting system.

1977: AW advertises protest trip and issues surrounding the 1977 management plan.

1994: AW weighs in on the operation of Glen Canyon Dam.

1997: AW advocated for a more fair fee system.

1998: AW advocates for Wilderness Designation in the Grand Canyon's backcountry.

2000: AW joined other groups in suing the National Park Service over their falure to act to develop a timely new management plan that considered paddling permits and Wilderness designation.

2001: Lawsuit parties reach settlement

2002: AW files scoping comments on the management plan

2004: NPS released their draft management plan

2005: AW files comments on the draft plan

2006: New Management Plan released, lawsuit filed by other parties, new management begins.

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