Adirondacks Rivers Restoration Campaign

American Whitewater is leading the effort to protect whitewater boating in the Adirondacks Region, including the upcoming relicing of more that 20 dams on the Black, Beaver, and Moose rivers.

American River (CA)

Hydropower Projects, Access and River Management on the American River and it's Tributaries.

Ausable Access (NY)

AW has fought a dam owners attempt to block access to the stunning Ausable Chasm.

Basin Non-Consumptive Needs Assesments (CO)

AW is working to define stream-flows that meet recreational boating needs across Colorado. In both the Colorado and Yampa River Basin's, AW has helped develop baseline data for whitewater recreation

Bear River Restoration (ID)

Hydropower relicensing on the Bear River offered an opportunity to restore aquatic resources and recreational opportunities on this river.

Beaver Relicensing (NY)

AW worked on restoring several boating flows to the Beaver River through a relicensing process, which concluded in 1999.

Big Hungry Dam Removal

The state of NC is pursuing the removal of two dams on Big Hungry Creek, a Green River Narrows tributary.

Big South Access (CO)

American Whitewater is working with local paddlers to reform USFS policies that limit early season access to the Big South Fork of the Cache la Poudre River.

Birthplace of Rivers (WV)

The Birthplace of Rivers is a campaign that aims to protect the Gauley River's headwaters as a National Monument.

Black River (NY)

AW blocked the construction of a new dam on the Black and later settled for significant mitigation.

Boundary Creek (ID)

AW lead the charge to stop a dam and diversion project from being built on Northern Idaho's stunning and remote Boundary Creek.

Bridger-Teton National Forest Planning (WY)

Aiming to protect the rivers and streams of the Bridget-Teton National Forest through the Forest Plan

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Browns Canyon

Colorado's Browns Canyon of the Arkansas River is a Mecca for outdoor recreation, and the nations most popular whitewater paddling destination.

Cache La Poudre (CO)

American Whitewater is working on developing data-based research to advocate for the protection of recreation flows on the Cache La Poudre through Fort Collins.

Canadian Whitewater

This project is a collection of resources and tools for volunteers interested in protecting and restoring Canadian whitewater rivers.

Canyon Creek (WA)

This spectacular creek has been threatened by a proposal for hydropower development.

Catawba Relicensing (SC)

The relicensing of a string of dams on the Catawba River could restore the Great Falls of the Catawba, and bring massive public benefits throughout the watershed.

Celebrate The Green River Diversion

The new Green River Dam is a rare win-win-win: better for boaters, fish and wildlife, and water users. Thanks to the project’s collaborative design, the last major in-stream barrier to fish and padd

Celestial Falls (OR)

Conservation and enjoyment of the waterfall is important for AW

Chattooga Headwaters (NC)

The US Forest Service has banned boating on the upper 21 miles of the Wild and Scenic Chattooga River.


American Whitewater is committed to the stewardship and conservation of the Chehalis River where a new dam is proposed.

Chelan (WA)

AW has worked to restore flows and provide public access to the Chelan Gorge

Cheoah River (NC)

AW and regional paddling clubs spent 5 years relicensing the dam on the Cheoah and scored a huge environmental and recreational victory.

Cispus River Access (WA)

AW has been working to enforce requirements for public access to the Cispus River.

Clackamas Stewardship (OR)

AW has been a stakeholder in licensing of the hydroelectric projects on this river and protection of key tributaries through the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Clean Water Act

American Whitewater's advocacy to protect water quality.

Colorado Policy Projects

A collection of policy projects and resources that pertain to our Colorado Policy Program

Colorado River Access (CO)

The decades old debate over public use of waterways in Colorado continues, and AW is working to protect the rights of all paddlers to enjoy Colorado's Rivers.

Colorado River Basin Supply Study

American Whitewater's staff and contractors are working to develop quantitative metrics that help the US Bureau of Reclamation evaluate impacts to recreational stream-flows across the Colorado basin.

Colorado SWSI (CO)

Colorado's Statewide Water Supply Initiative may very well determine the fate of Colorado's whitewater rivers by dictating how much water can be removed from rivers to serve a growing population.

Columbia River Gorge (OR & WA)

Several rivers in Oregon and Washington were protected under the 1986 Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area Act.

Conservation System

The National Landscape Conservation System represents the crown jewels of BLM lands and rivers.

Crooked River (OR)

American Whitewater is working to ensure the public can access the Wild and Scenic Crooked River.

Cuyahoga Restoration (OH)

A new hydro license proposal would dewater a nice rapid and preclude opportunities for dam removal.

Deerfield River (MA)

The Deerfield was one of American Whitewater's first FERC relicensing victory's and remains one of the most impressive and valuable to the paddling community.

Dolores River (CO)

American Whitewater is working to conserve and restore a dynamic, healthy Dolores River by leveraging recreational water needs to enhance and support in-stream flows.

Eagle River Park

(Eagle, CO) –The Town of Eagle, Colorado recently adopted a River Corridor Plan, an ambitious project that aims to strengthen the town’s connection to its river. As spelled out in the comprehensiv

Elwha Restoration (WA)

The Elwha River will be restored by removing two dams that have blocked salmon and degraded recreational opportunities on one of the Pacific Northwest's most spectacular rivers.

Feather River (CA)

AW's work to restore the Feather River

Forest Planning (CO)

AW is involved in a number of different Forest Planning efforts in Colorado, working directly with the public and the United States Forest Service to secure better protections for rivers.

Fox River

American Whitewater has worked to provide flows and access to section of the Fox River impacted by hydropower.

Gauley River (WV)

For many years AW has worked on the protection of this river and advocated for public access.

Gore Canyon Whitewater Park (CO)

AW is working with Grand County, CO to establish a new whitewater park on the Upper Colorado River. We have worked to identify the best location, and build support for the proposed project.

Grand Canyon

American Whitewater has long worked on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. From fighting dam proposal decades ago, to advocating for equitable access in the recent development of a new management

Green River (WY/UT/CO)

A private firm in Colorado has identified the Green River in Wyoming as a potential source of new water supplies for Colorado's growing East Slope. The proposal to divert more than 250,000 acre-feet o

Green River (VT)

American Whitewater is working to include recreational releases on this Class IV-V stretch of river through the dam re-licensing process.

Green River (WA)

AW works with partners to protect flows and the scenic landscape of the Green River Gorge.

Green River Diversion Structure

The Green River Diversion Structure, upstream of Green River Utah, is being considered for rehabilitation or reconstruction under the NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Program. AW is working to sec

Greenway Whitewater (WA)

The Mountains to Sound Greenway stretches over 100 miles along Interstate 90 from Seattle to Central Washington. AW is engaged in promoting stewardship and protection of the rivers in this corridor.

Gross Reservoir (CO)

The City and County of Denver is looking to increase it's water supply, and has applied to both the US Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to enlarge Gross Reservoir, and FERC for a hydropower licens

Gunnison Basin (Colorado) Stewardship Program

Our new Gunnison River Basin program will define and protect recreational flow needs as part of regional and broader Upper Colorado River Basin stewardship strategies. By quantifying flow needs in the

Harpers Ferry River Access (WV/VA/MD)

A collaborative effort to identify and deliver on opportunities to enhance river access on the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers near Harpers Ferry, WV.

Highlands Ditch Rehabilitation (CO)

On the Saint Vrain River, in the Town of Lyons, AW is working with a group of fellow river enthusiasts to rehabilitate the Highlands Ditch Diversion to allow for better navigability, fish passage, and

Hiwassee Dries (TN)

Restoring flows to the spectacular Hiwassee Dries, long dewatered by the TVA.

Holtwood Dam - Susqehanna (PA)

Dam Owner is proposing to reduce flows and alter channel containing whitewater features as part of a FERC license amendment.

Hood River Access

American Whitewater is committed to securing public access for the Hood River and its major tributaries.

Hoosic River (NY)

American Whitewater negotiated recreational releases on a bypassed reach of the Hoosic River near Albany New York that contains both Class III and Class V opportunities.

Jim Falls (WI)

AW has advocated for restoration of recreational opportunities on the Chippewa River impacted by the Jim Falls Hydro Project.

Kalmiopsis Rivers (OR/CA)

American Whitewater is working to protect the wild rivers of Southwestern Oregon and Northern California from the threats of nickel strip mines.

Kern River (CA)

American Whitewater's history on the Kern River.

Kinnickinnic River Restoration

American Whitewater supports opportunities to restore the Kinnickinnic River through hydropower licensing of the River Falls Hydroelectric Project

Klamath Restoration (OR & CA)

American Whitewater supports restoration of the Klamath River for the benefit of salmon while providing appropriate opportunities for whitewater recreation.

Legal Assistance

Pro bono legal assistance is critical to the success of American Whitewater's work to protect the nation's whitewater resources.

Lehigh River (PA)

AW has worked with local paddling clubs to improve the recreational value of dam releases on the Lehigh

Little River Access (NC)

AW worked with the Dupont State Forest to lift the Forest's prohibition on whitewater paddling. Boating became legal in 2002.

Lower Dolores Working Group (CO)

AW is working with a broad group of stakeholders to draft a new federal legislation that protects water and the iconic landscapes of the lower Dolores River.

Lower Salmon River (ID)

The Lower Salmon River offers a wonderful multi-day river trip managed by the BLM, yet us under-protected compared to most other multi-day destinations. AW has worked with the BLM on recreational man

MF American/Rubicon (CA)

American Whitewater is advocating for the restoration of a natural flow pattern to these rivers that are heavily impacted by hydroelectric dams.

McCloud (CA)

American Whitewater has been involved with the FERC relicensing process for the McCloud River below McCloud Dam since 2006.

Merced Wild and Scenic River

American Whitewater's advocacy to maintain the boundary of the Merced Wild and Scenic Merced River.

Methow River

American Whitewater supports the conservation and stewardship of the Methow River.

Middle Fork Snoqualmie (WA)

AW has been working on resource stewardship along the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie in Washington and protecting this drainage for the incredible recreational opportunities it provides.

Milltown Dam Removal (MT)

AW participated in this landmark dam removal process throughout the FERC process.

Milner Whitewater (ID)

AW supports the efforts of local paddlers who have advocated for whitewater recreation on the Milner Mile.

Mokelumne (CA)

AW negotiated releases, access, and other previsions on the Mokelumne through a dam relicensing process.

Montana Headwaters

The Montana Headwaters Campaign is a creative grassroots approach to conserving some of Montana's and the continents most incredible rivers. American Whitewater is one of the champions of this issue,

Moose River (NY)

AW fought a proposal to dewater the Moose River beginning in 1982, and ultimately secured some of the first recreational releases in the nation.

Mt. Hood Wilderness (OR)

In 2009 new Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers were established for the forests of Mt. Hood.

Nantahala Relicensing (NC)

AW has worked with regional stakeholders to relicense several dams on the Nantahala River and its tributaries since 2000.

New Mexico Stream Access

Issues on the privatizing of public streams in New Mexico

New River Dries (WV)

The Hawks Nest Dam de-waters six miles of the New River most of the time, and the relicensing of the dam began in 2012.


American Whitewater worked to provide whitewater boating opportunities in the Nisqually River's LaGrande Canyon.

Nolichucky Wild and Scenic

A locally-driven effort to designate the 7.2 mile Nolichucky River Gorge, on public lands spanning the North Carolina - Tennessee border as a Wild and Scenic River.

Nooksack Stewardship (WA)

Public access, hydropower development, and resource stewardship are all ongoing issues on this river system.

North Carolina Wild and Scenic

A project with the goal of increasing the number of streams in Western NC protected under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act through Forest Service protections for eligible streams and through new Congres

North Fork Rogue (OR)

We worked to restore flows, provide public access, and made flow information available to provide boating opportunities on this river.

North Fork Snoqualmie- WA

American Whitewater is committed to the conservation of the North Fork Snoqualmie.

Northern Integrate Supply Project (CO)

Water providers in north Central Colorado are proposing to divert water from the Wild and Scenic Cache la Poudre River above Fort Collins, CO. AW is working to defend the river and the communities it

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (WA)

The Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests are home to some great whitewater runs and AW has in interest in protecting the resource values of these rivers.

Oregon Navigability

AW works to keep the rivers of Oregon open and accessible to the boating public.

Owyhee Conservation

American Whitewater advocates for the protection of the Owyhee Canyonlands.

Pine River

American Whitewater has long advocated for the removal of the Pine Dam and Hydroelectric Project to restore a free-flowing river.

Pinnacles of the Dan (VA)

Virginia's Pinnacles of the Dan River is one of the last river reaches in the region dewatered by a dam.

Pit River (CA)

AW's restoration of the Pit River.

Protecting the Ashlu (BC)

A hydropower project is now being constructed on this wonderful creek in Southwest British Columbia.

Puyallup Watershed (WA)

Major rivers of the Puyallup watershed include the Carbon, Puyallup, and White which drain the western and northern slopes of Mt. Rainier which we are working to preserve and protect.

Red River (WI)

AW works for protection and restoration of the recreational and conservation values of this river corridor.

Restoring the Rogue (OR)

One of the great Rivers of the West, preserving the the Wild Rogue and restoring upstream reaches impacted by dams are priorities for American Whitewater.

Rio Grande Recreational Needs Assessment

American Whitewater is partnering with the Rio Grande Basin Roundtable to assess recreational flow needs on the main stem Rio Grande and the Conejos River.

San Clemente Dam Removal

Information on dam removal of San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River.

San Clemente Dam Removal

Information on dam removal of San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River.

San Joaquin (CA)

The "Big Creek" dam relicensing on the San Joaquin River is one of AW's landmark river restoration successes in California

San Joaquin River Gorge Protection

American Whitewater is working to protect the San Joaquin River Gorge and preserve and its free-flowing nature.

San Miguel River (CO)

AW is working with local clubs and partners to secure legal water rights for fish and recreation needs along the San Miguel River.

Sandy River Restoration (OR)

AW is working to protect the Sandy River Gorge and restore the river through removal of Marmot Dam in Oregon.

Saranac River (NY)

AW used dam relicensing to advocate for land conservation, instream flows, and public access.

Similkameen River (BC/WA)

American Whitewater supports conservation and restoration of the Similkameen River.

Skagit Wild and Scenic (WA)

Public access, riparian protection, and effective resource stewardship are all important to management of the Skagit Wild and Scenic River.

Skykomish Stewardship (WA)

AW is actively engaged in the conservation of the Skykomish River and its tributaries and advocacy for public access.

Small Hydropower

We work to prevent damming of treasured headwater streams paddlers enjoy for small hydropower development.

Smith Creek Management (ID)

AW is working to reduce the recreational impacts of the hydroelectric project on Idaho's classic Smith Creek.

Smith River (CA/OR)

The Smith River is known for exceptional water quality and is free flowing from the headwaters to the ocean.

Snake Headwaters (WY)

American Whitewater joined a coalition of partners to designate the Snake Headwaters as Wild and Scenic.

Snake River Restoration (ID, OR, WA)

American Whitewater is working with a coalition of partners to restore the Snake and Salmon Rivers in Idaho for fish and paddlers.

Snoqualmie Falls (WA)

AW has worked to advocate for paddler access on the instructional reach below Snoqualmie Falls.

South Fork Saluda Navigability

American Whitewater defended the right to paddle the South Fork Saluda River in court.

Stop the Misguided Gila Diversion

A truly misguided proposal would siphon off the last free-flowing New Mexican river and in the process destroy some of the most precious, beautiful and fun river habitat in the entire Southwest.

Sullivan Creek (WA)

Two dams in the Sullivan Creek watershed no longer generate power. One was removed in 2017 as the result of a 2010 Settlement Agreement.

Sultan River (WA)

American Whitewater improved flows and public access for the benefit of fish, wildlife, and paddlers as part of hydropower relicensing on this river.

Sunset Falls Hydropower Development

Sunset Falls on the Skykomish River has been proposed for hydropower development.

Susitna (AK)

A hydropower project on the Susitna would drown Devil's Canyon.

Swan River, Bigfork Hydro (MT)

AW negotiated scheduled recreational releases, flow information, public access, and land protection as part of a new hydro license on the Swan River in Montana.



Tacoma-Ames Hydro (CO)

American Whitewater is working to formalize access at the historic Tacoma Hydroelectric Plant on the Animas River. In 2011, FERC issued a licensing order listing AW as a consulting NGO in the case...

Tallulah Gorge (GA)

The dams on Tallulah Gorge were among the first rivers in the Southeast to be relicensed and wow what a classic whitewater river it has become.

Test Project 500

this is a test project

Tuckasegee Relicensing (NC)

AW signed a settlement calling for new dam releases, sweeping conservation measures, new access, and the removal of Dillsboro Dam in North Carolina.

Twelvemile Creek Dam Removal

AW worked with Foothills Paddlers to predict and advocate for the recreational benefits of a restored Twelvemile Creek. Two dams were removed in 2011.

Upper Colorado River (CO)

American Whitewater is working with various stakeholders to develop a resource management plan for the BLM, as an alternative to "Wild and Scenic River" management.

Upper Ocoee Releases

AW played a lead role in advocating for, and negotiating recreational releases on the Upper Ocoee River

Upper Yough Access (MD)

AW collaboratively manages the put in for the Upper Youghiogheny River in Western Maryland.

Upper Yough Releases (MD)

American Whitewater worked closely with local paddlers and other stakeholders to negotiate an improved flow regime on the Upper Yough.

Virgin River (UT)

AW advocates for paddling opportunities and stewardship of the Virgin River.

Virginia Access

Virginia has some superb rivers and river access laws among the worst in the Nation. American Whitewater is working to assure the basic right to float down a stream in Virginia.

Volcano Country (OR/WA)

The rivers of Volcano Country within and surrounding the Gifford Pinchot National Forest represent some of the nation's most spectacular whitewater resources.

Weber River Hydropower

Relicensing the Weber River Hydroelectric Project, near Ogden Utah.

Weiser River (ID)

A 282-foot tall dam is proposed on the Weiser River.

West Canada Creek (NY)

American Whitewater is working to maintain paddling opportunities on West Canada Creek.

West River (VT)

Paddlers have long enjoyed and defended the few recreational releases on Vermont's West River. New hydro proposals may offer opportunities or impacts.

West Rosebud (MT)

AW is working with Beartooth Paddlers on the relicensing of the Mystic Lake Hydroelectric Project on West Rosebud Creek

White Salmon Restoration (WA)

American Whitewater has been engaged in a long-term effort to protect and restore one of the Pacific Northwest's most spectacular year-around whitewater rivers.

Wild Olympics (WA)

A campaign to protect the free-flowing rivers of the Olympic Peninsula.

Windy Gap Firming Project (CO)

American Whitewater is working to protect outstanding paddling opportunities in Colorado, and a healthy Colorado River system from future water development.

Yampa River (CO)

AW is working to preserve the free-flowing character of the Yampa River, while multiple interests set their sights on the Yampa as a new source for clean, high quality water supplies for Oil and Gas d

Yellowstone and Grand Teton

AW has advocated for opportunities to experience the incredible rivers of Yellowstone National and Grand Teton National Parks through paddling.

Yosemite Whitewater (CA)

AW advocates for opportunities to enjoy the unique and spectacular rivers of Yosemite National Park.

Yuba and Bear Rivers (CA)

The Yuba and Bear rivers are some of the best whitewater resources in California. American Whitewater is an active participant in the FERC relicensing negotiations that impact these rivers.



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