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Similkameen River (BC/WA)

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American Whitewater supports protecting the environmental, recreational, and other values of a fully connected and continuously flowing Similkameen River system. Our interests include sufficient year-round flow necessary to protect aquatic resources and other designated beneficial uses. WAC 173-201A-600 identifies the designated uses in the Similkameen River: salmonid spawning, rearing and migration; primary contact recreation; domestic, industrial and municipal water supply; stock watering; wildlife habitat; harvesting; commerce and navigation; boating; and aesthetic values.

Enloe Dam and powerhouse were constructed in the 1920s but use was discontinued in the early 1950's. The outdated infrastructure remains on the river as the local utility continues attempts to license the project. There have been several licensing attempts for the Enloe Hydroelectric Project (FERC P-2062, P-10536, and P-12569) as well as a proposed project upstream on Shanker's Bend (FERC P-12804).

Removal of the dam and restoration of the river has long been discussed and is supported by American Whitewater. The Reclamations Authorizations Act of 1976 directed the Secretary to undertake “measures necessary to provide fish passage and propagation in the Similkameen River” as part of development of the Oroville-Tonasket unit extension, Okanogan-Similkameen division, Chief Joseph Project. A 1977 Bureau of Reclamation study found that removal of Enloe Dam would be the preferred method for accomplishing the requirements of the Act.

Breaking News: PUD votes against Enloe electrification

11/23/2018 - by Thomas O'Keefe

At its November 19 meeting, the Okanogan PUD Commissioners voted unanimously on a staff recommendation to stop pursuing electrification of Enloe Dam. The recommendation was shared by General Manager Steve Taylor after a staff presentation showed the total cost of energizing the 100-year-old facility at $87.4 million, nearly three times the PUD's original estimate. Enloe dam is located on the Similkameen River near Oroville.

Enloe Dam Remains an Economic Loser (WA)

11/18/2014 - by Thomas O'Keefe

American Whitewater joined river conservation groups in releasing an updated review of the economics of restoring hydropower at Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River in Washington State. This project would cost $40 million to build, would cost more to operate than it brings in for revenue, and accumulate $170 million losses over the life of the project. It is time to remove a project that has not operated since 1958 and is simply an economic loser.

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