AW in the NorthWest

American Whitewater has an active program in the Pacific Northwest. Our regional conservation program features a focus on dam relicensing and continued protection of key watersheds on public land. While we are lucky that many of our rivers flow through public land we are not without access issues. The Skykomish remains one of our top ten access issues.

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Clackamas River flow information survey

Posted: 01/22/2019
by Thomas O'Keefe

As a part of Portland General Electric’s (PGE) license for its hydroelectric project along the Clackamas River, PGE follows a Recreation Resource Management Plan that directs the Company towards recreation projects along the Clackamas. PGE is currently seeking feedback from the whitewater community on the flow resources along the Upper Clackamas River through a short 8 question online survey.

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Opportunity for Input on Middle Fork Snoqualmie Planning Effort (WA)

Posted: 09/28/2018
by Thomas O'Keefe

The U.S. Forest Service has recently initiated a process to develop a Comprehensive River Management Plan for the 27 miles of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River and the entirety of the Pratt River that were designated Wild and Scenic in 2014. Paddlers are encourage to provide input online and/or attend the planning workshops planned for October 11th.

Upcoming Events

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May 2019

Sultan River Whitewater Release
10:00 am -1:00 pm pst
This particular release, from the base of Culmback Dam, will peak at roughly 900 cfs for a period of 3 hours. 900-900 cfs


Chelan Gorge release Chelan,WA runs 07/11/09 - 09/17/17
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North Fork Rogue Releases Prospect,OR runs 07/18/09 - 09/03/18
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Wenatchee River Festival Cashmere,WA runs 06/09/12 - 07/09/16
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Green River Cleanup Black Diamond, WA,WA runs 05/05/12 - 05/06/17
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Northwest Creeking Competition Yacolt,WA runs 04/21/12 - 04/10/16
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SkyFest Index,WA runs 07/04/13 - 05/08/16
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Sultan River Whitewater Release Sultan,WA runs 04/25/15 - 05/25/19, next 05/25/19
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Cispus River Open Gate Days Morton,WA runs 01/28/17 - 11/04/17
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Associated Projects

Canyon Creek (WA)
This spectacular creek has been threatened by a proposal for hydropower development.
Celestial Falls (OR)
Conservation and enjoyment of the waterfall is important for AW
Chelan (WA)
AW has worked to restore flows and provide public access to the Chelan Gorge
Cispus River Access (WA)
AW has been working to enforce requirements for public access to the Cispus River.
Clackamas Stewardship (OR)
AW has been a stakeholder in licensing of the hydroelectric projects on this river and protection of key tributaries through the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
Clean Water Act
American Whitewater's advocacy to protect water quality.
Conservation System
The National Landscape Conservation System represents the crown jewels of BLM lands and rivers.
Elwha Restoration (WA)
The Elwha River will be restored by removing two dams that have blocked salmon and degraded recreational opportunities on one of the Pacific Northwest's most spectacular rivers.
Green River (WA)
AW works with partners to protect flows and the scenic landscape of the Green River Gorge.
Greenway Whitewater (WA)
The Mountains to Sound Greenway stretches over 100 miles along Interstate 90 from Seattle to Central Washington. AW is engaged in promoting stewardship and protection of the rivers in this corridor.
Hood River Access
American Whitewater is committed to securing public access for the Hood River and its major tributaries.
Kalmiopsis Rivers (OR/CA)
American Whitewater is working to protect the wild rivers of Southwestern Oregon and Northern California from the threats of nickel strip mines.
Klamath Restoration (OR & CA)
AW supports restoration of the Klamath River for the benefit of salmon while providing appropriate opportunities for whitewater recreation.
Middle Fork Snoqualmie (WA)
AW has been working on resource stewardship along the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie in Washington and protecting this drainage for the incredible recreational opportunities it provides.
Milner Whitewater (ID)
AW supports the efforts of local paddlers who have advocated for whitewater recreation on the Milner Mile.
Nooksack Stewardship (WA)
Public access, hydropower development, and resource stewardship are all ongoing issues on this river system.
North Fork Rogue (OR)
We worked to restore flows, provide public access, and made flow information available to provide boating opportunities on this river.
North Fork Snoqualmie- WA
American Whitewater is committed to the conservation of the North Fork Snoqualmie.
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (WA)
The Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests are home to some great whitewater runs and AW has in interest in protecting the resource values of these rivers.
Oregon Navigability
AW works to keep the rivers of Oregon open and accessible to the boating public.
Owyhee Conservation
American Whitewater advocates for the protection of the Owyhee Canyonlands.
Protecting the Ashlu (BC)
A hydropower project is now being constructed on this wonderful creek in Southwest British Columbia.
Puyallup Watershed (WA)
Major rivers of the Puyallup watershed include the Carbon, Puyallup, and White which drain the western and northern slopes of Mt. Rainier which we are working to preserve and protect.
Restoring the Rogue (OR)
One of the great Rivers of the West, preserving the the Wild Rogue and restoring upstream reaches impacted by dams are priorities for American Whitewater.
Similkameen River (BC/WA)
American Whitewater supports conservation and restoration of the Similkameen River.
Skagit Wild and Scenic (WA)
Public access, riparian protection, and effective resource stewardship are all important to management of the Skagit Wild and Scenic River.
Skykomish Stewardship (WA)
AW is actively engaged in the conservation of the Skykomish River and its tributaries and advocacy for public access.
Snake River Restoration (ID, OR, WA)
AW is working with a coalition of partners to restore the Snake and Salmon Rivers in Idaho for fish and paddlers.
Sullivan Creek (WA)
Two dams in the Sullivan Creek watershed no longer generate power. One was removed in 2017 as the result of a 2010 Settlement Agreement.
Sultan River (WA)
AW is working to improve flows and public access for the benefit of fish, wildlife, and paddlers as part of hydropower relicensing on this river.
Sunset Falls Hydropower Development
Sunset Falls on the Skykomish River has been proposed for hydropower development.
Susitna (AK)
A hydropower project on the Susitna would drown Devil's Canyon.
Volcano Country (OR/WA)
The rivers of Volcano Country within and surrounding the Gifford Pinchot National Forest represent some of the nation's most spectacular whitewater resources.
White Salmon Restoration (WA)
American Whitewater has been engaged in a long-term effort to protect and restore one of the Pacific Northwest's most spectacular year-around whitewater rivers.
Wild Olympics (WA)
A campaign to protect the free-flowing rivers of the Olympic Peninsula.