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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Salmon, Middle Fork 2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar (near Salmon R.) [ID] 27d19h12m Thomas O'Keefe photos added
Snake I) Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing [ID] 28d23h24m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Snake J) Pittsburg Landing (or Salmon) to Heller Bar [ID] 28d23h26m Thomas O'Keefe river permit link updated
Selway 1 - Paradise to Selway Falls [ID] 28d23h32m Thomas O'Keefe river permit link updated
Teton Highway 33 Bridge to Spring Hollow (South of France) [ID] 60d02h53m Kevin Colburn gage
Malad (aka Big Wood) 3. Devil's Washbowl [ID] 74d03h05m Bill Hunt Unrunnable due to rockfall
Clearwater, N. Fork Orogrande Creek to Aquarius Campground [ID] 84d01h52m Kevin Colburn photo added
Big Creek (Tributary of Middle Fork Salmon River) Big Creek Airstrip to Cache Bar, Middle Fork of Salmon [ID] 99d01h24m Kevin Colburn difficulty
Salmon, S. Fork 3 - East Fork of South Fork to Salmon River [ID] 130d00h32m Kevin Colburn permit
Payette, S. Fork 4 - The Staircase Run [ID] 139d20h41m Bill Hunt Mentioned a wrap rock and sieves in Staircase rapid.
Snake E) Murtaugh Bridge to Twin Falls Reservoir - (The Murtaugh) [ID] 148d02h20m Jacob Cruiser
Fall 2. Concrete CCC Bridge to Kirkham Bridge [ID] 151d11h47m Bill Hunt USGS and Google maps use the name Fall river
Henrys Fork Hatchery Ford to above Upper Mesa Falls [ID] 151d11h49m Bill Hunt the V drops can be portaged; rating as such
Fall 1. Cave Falls Campground, WY, to Concrete CCC Bridge [ID] 151d11h49m Bill Hunt USGS gauges and google maps use the name Fall river
Payette, S. Fork 3. Swirly Canyon [ID] 164d15h23m Bill Hunt minor edit
Payette, N. Fork 3. Kelly's Whitewater Park (below Cascade Reservoir) [ID] 166d04h06m Bill Hunt minor edit
Payette, N. Fork 4. Cabarton Bridge to Smiths Ferry [ID] 168d22h15m Bill Hunt added teacups
Deadwood 2. End of the Road to S. Fork Payette River [ID] 169d12h50m Bill Hunt minor map edit
Deadwood 1. Deadwood Reservoir to End of the Road [ID] 169d12h53m Bill Hunt 14.6 miles on Google maps
Payette 3. Main Payette - Gutter and Bladder Wave [ID] 174d23h06m Thomas O'Keefe edits to directions
Payette 2. Lower Main - Beehive Bend to Jet Boat Ramp [ID] 174d23h09m Thomas O'Keefe road mileage added
Payette, Middle Fork 2. Nozzle Section [ID] 179d12h25m Bill Hunt In "How to Get There" section, changed Rattlesnake to Hardscrabble campground. This run begins below the class 5+ sections, not above them.
Payette, Middle Fork 1. West Fork Bridge to upstream of Trail Creek [ID] 210d20h55m Bill Hunt Clarifying where this section ends.
Payette, N. Fork 1. Upper Payette Lake to Payette Lake [ID] 213d21h57m Thomas O'Keefe reach edit
Payette, N. Fork 2. McCall to Hartsell Bridge above Cascade Reservoir [ID] 213d22h20m Thomas O'Keefe description added
Payette, N. Fork 5. Smiths Ferry to Banks [ID] 213d22h51m Thomas O'Keefe minor access edits
Henrys Fork Upper Coffee Pot Campground to Route 311 [ID] 223d07h03m Paul Martzen added first rapid
Henrys Fork Riverside Campground to Hatchery Ford Road [ID] 232d17h27m Paul Martzen Added info from Dan Cottam
Salmon 2 - Stanley to Old Sunbeam Dam [ID] 279d19h34m Craig Irwin 20180309
Salmon, Yankee Fork Upper road end 11.2 mi to Jordan Creek, 15.6 mi to Salmon R. [ID] 282d05h59m Kevin Colburn photo
Marsh Creek State Highway 21 to Middle Fork Salmon [ID] 282d06h01m Kevin Colburn Photo
Rapid Float Creek to confluence with Middle Fork Salmon [ID] 291d04h28m Kevin Colburn New Description
Bear Valley Creek Fir Creek Campground to Middle Fork Salmon confluence [ID] 310d23h14m Kevin Colburn photo
Camas Creek (M.F.Salmon trib) Duck Creek to confluence with M.F. Salmon [ID] 311d00h05m Kevin Colburn photo
Loon Creek Loon Creek Ranger Station to confluence with M. F. Salmon [ID] 311d04h40m Kevin Colburn film
Snake G) Lower Salmon Falls Dam to Bliss Reservoir [ID] 1y51d21h28m Bill Hunt added warmup rapid
Meadow Creek Roadless [ID] 1y90d03h27m Kevin Colburn added flow
Bitch Creek Highway 32 Bridge (near Wyoming line) to Teton River [ID] 1y143d07h22m Kevin Colburn photo
Salmon, Middle Fork 1 - Marsh Creek to Boundary Creek [ID] 1y170d20h56m Bill Hunt 15.7 river miles on Google maps
Salmon 3 - Sunbeam Dam to Holman Creek [ID] 1y175d23h01m Bill Hunt Added an abstract and a bit of description. This section should be split in two, ending at Torreys.
Smith Creek Smith Creek Bridge to above Smith Creek Falls [ID] 1y184d20h53m Jacob Cruiser
Owyhee 1. Duck Valley Indian Res. to Crutcher's Crossing [ID] 1y188d02h11m Teresa Gryder
Owyhee 2. Crutcher's Crossing to Three Forks [ID] 1y189d03h42m Teresa Gryder gage added
Weiser Midvale to Galloway Diversion Dam [ID] 1y189d21h36m Megan Hooker
Pine Creek (Tributary of South Fork of the Snake) Headwaters to S. Fork Snake River confluence [ID] 1y198d02h25m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Portneuf Lava Hot Springs to PVC diversion [ID] 1y240d03h23m Paul Martzen added comments to description
Bear 1 - Grace Dam Bridge to Grace Powerhouse [ID] 1y343d18h09m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Salmon 6 - Corn Creek to Vinegar Creek (The Main) [ID] 2y9d16h28m Thomas O'Keefe permit udated
Owyhee, South Fork YP Ranch to East Fork [ID] 2y9d17h00m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee, N. Fork Off Mud Flat Road to Three Forks (OR) [ID] 2y9d17h01m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Jarbidge Murphy Hot Springs to Bruneau River (Indian Hot Springs) [ID] 2y9d17h04m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Bruneau Indian Hot Springs to 8 miles South of Bruneau [ID] 2y9d17h04m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Bear 2 - Grace Powerhouse to the Oneida Reservoir [ID] 2y22d18h44m Thomas O'Keefe copy edit
Malad (aka Big Wood) 4. Malad Dam to confluence with Snake River [ID] 2y68d21h59m Bill Hunt added gauge for lower canal
Clearwater, Middle Fork Lowell to Kooskia [ID] 2y158d01h08m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Payette, S. Fork 1 - Grandjean to Deadwood [ID] 2y158d13h31m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Salmon 7 - Vinegar Creek to Riggins [ID] 2y158d21h29m Thomas O'Keefe rapids mapped
Salmon 8 - Riggins to White Bird [ID] 2y159d16h48m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Clearwater Kooskia to Snake River [ID] 2y160d15h28m Thomas O'Keefe access points added
Payette 1. Upper Main - Banks to Beehive Bend [ID] 2y160d16h16m Thomas O'Keefe photo edits
Lion Creek To Priest Lake [ID] 2y191d03h13m Jacob Cruiser rating
Sheep Creek (Bruneau trib) Simplot Ranch Bridge to Bruneau River [ID] 2y203d04h39m Teresa Gryder
Pack 3) Upper: Gorgette [ID] 2y203d20h20m Jacob Cruiser updated directions/flow range
Pack 2) Upper: The Slides [ID] 2y203d20h22m Jacob Cruiser updated directions
Pack 1) Upper: Grottos [ID] 2y203d20h29m Jacob Cruiser updated directions
Smith Creek Upper [ID] 2y204d04h22m Jacob Cruiser mapped access points
Crooked Fork (Lochsa trib) Hopeful Creek to Lochsa River [ID] 2y204d05h20m Thomas O'Keefe description added
Boise Downtown Boise [ID] 2y205d21h11m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Lightning Creek 1. East Fork to town of Clark Fork [ID] 2y252d14h18m Clif McIntosh Small Description Addition and shuttle information
Boulder Creek Gorge [ID] 2y268d04h01m Kevin Colburn added 2015 warning.
Potlatch 1. Little Boulder Campground to Cedar Creek [ID] 2y275d00h30m Todd Hoffman
Payette, S. Fork 2 - Deadwood River to Danskin Station (The Canyon) [ID] 3y104d03h54m Bill Hunt Added Danskin Station
Henrys Fork Big Springs to A-2 bridge near Island Park Reservoir [ID] 3y171d21h42m Bill Hunt
Lochsa 2 - Indian Grave Creek to Wilderness Gateway Bridge [ID] 3y176d05h38m Thomas O'Keefe access edit
Lochsa 4 - Split Creek Pack Bridge to Lowell (Selway) [ID] 3y176d06h00m Thomas O'Keefe updated access points
Selway 2 - Selway Falls to Clearwater River [ID] 3y288d23h28m Thomas O'Keefe rapids mapped
Lochsa 1 - Powell to White Pine (Indian Grave Creek) [ID] 3y291d13h52m Thomas O'Keefe photo updated
Colt Killed Creek (White Sand Creek) 1. Big Flat Creek to Colt Killed Creek Trailhead [ID] 4y166d22h56m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Colt Killed Creek (White Sand Creek) 2. Colt Killed Creek Trailhead to Lochsa River [ID] 4y166d22h58m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Clearwater, S. Fork Hanging Rock to Cougar Creek Trailhead [ID] 4y188d15h15m Thomas O'Keefe photo changed
Boise, N. Fork Barber Flat to confluence with Boise River at Troutdale [ID] 4y282d21h22m Thomas O'Keefe Description update
Salmon, E. Fork of S. Fork 2 - Flight Simulator (near Yellow Pine) to S.F.Salmon River [ID] 5y82d14h37m Bill Hunt
Spokane Post Falls Dam to State Line [ID] 5y139d13h09m Paul Martzen Added vague description
Boundary Creek Near Canadian border to Road 2450 [ID] 5y185d17h42m Kevin Colburn new range
Lochsa 3 - Wilderness Gateway bridge to Split Creek Pack Bridge [ID] 5y273d12h53m Thomas O'Keefe copy edits
Blackfoot Trail Creek Bridge to Cedar Creek (near Aldridge) [ID] 6y183d01h06m Bill Hunt added a gauge
Malad (aka Big Wood) 2. Hwy 75 to Little Wood R. [ID] 6y209d20h58m Thomas O'Keefe copy edit
Malad (aka Big Wood) 1. Glendale Diversion to Richfield Diversion [ID] 6y209d20h59m Thomas O'Keefe copy edit
Moyie Meadow Creek to Moyie Falls Dam [ID] 6y220d13h28m Paul Martzen added rapids
Blackfoot Blackfoot Dam to Cutthroat Creek Campground [ID] 6y251d15h15m Paul Martzen Changed put in and take out coordinates, added some info
Cow Creek Above Smith Creek [ID] 7y162d23h56m Kevin Colburn Created reach
Snake C) Milner Dam to Milner Power Plant (Milner Mile) [ID] 7y205d06h29m Thomas O'Keefe video link added
Coeur d'Alene, South Fork Mullan to Wallace [ID] 7y271d02h15m Todd Hoffman
Salmon 9 - Hammer Creek to Snake River confluence (Lower Gorge) [ID] 7y271d02h16m Todd Hoffman Edited reach name.
St. Joe, N. Fork 1. Loop Creek to St. Joe Confluence [ID] 7y271d03h10m Todd Hoffman Corrected reach name.
Slate Creek (Tributary of St. Joe River) Old Miner's Cabin (Fritz Creek) to St. Joe Confluence [ID] 7y271d03h12m Todd Hoffman Updated reach description and name.
Big Creek (Tributary of St. Joe River) Along Road plus Hike to MF put in [ID] 7y271d03h15m Todd Hoffman Updated reach name.
Marble Creek (Tributary of St. Joe River) Camp 3 to St. Joe Confluence [ID] 7y271d03h16m Todd Hoffman Updated reach description
St. Joe 1. Upper: Heller Creek to Spruce Tree Campground [ID] 7y271d15h00m Todd Hoffman Updated section description.