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North Fork Rogue (OR)

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During the relicensing of the Prospect 1,2, 4 Hydropower Project (FERC P-2630) which was relicensed in 2008, American Whitewater worked with local volunteers to enhance boating opportunities on the North Fork Rogue. With a growing boating population in southern Oregon, the popularity of summer runs on this river is increasing. Emerging from Crater Lake National Park, the North Fork of the Rogue carves a rugged course through old lava tubes and incredible gorges. Consistent flows fed by springs provide boating through the summer when many of the other rivers in the region have dried to a trickle. While there are a few different sections on this river, many regard the section that begins with Avenue of the Giant Boulders as the best. Unfortunately hydro developers discovered this section of river before the boaters and flows are diverted around this reach throughout the summer. Now however, PacifiCorp provides scheduled opportunities for whitewater recreational in late summer, instream flow information that allows paddlers to take advantage of spill events earlier in the season, and a shuttle service during scheduled events.

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Website: PacifiCorp NF Rogue Whitewater website

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