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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Chattooga Section 2 - Highway 28 Putin to Earl's Ford [SC] 170d09h56m Lee H Thonus put in location
Chattooga Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake Boat Ramp [SC] 2y178d06h13m Lee H Thonus trying to change type size & return
Lawsons Fork Creek Glendale to Goldmine Rd. [SC] 3y27d08h30m Michael Holmes
Savannah Savannah Rapids Park to North Augusta Boat Ramp [SC] 3y105d21h12m Andrea Dover
Twelvemile Creek SC 137 to Lay Bridge Rd [SC] 4y23d10h15m Garrick Taylor
Chattooga Section 3 - Earls Ford to Route 76 Bridge [SC] 5y237d19h02m Lee H Thonus Added photo to rapid
Chattooga Rock Gorge - Burrell's Ford to Lick Log Creek [SC] 5y276d19h08m Brian and Maria Jacobson
Chattooga Ellicott Rock - Bull Pen Bridge to Burrell's Ford [SC] 5y276d19h11m Brian and Maria Jacobson
Saluda, Middle 4: Dead Man's Curve to Long Shoals Rd [SC] 6y13d04h29m Garrick Taylor
Saluda, Middle 5: Long Shoals Rd to Hwy 288 (Pumpkintown Rd) [SC] 6y13d04h30m Garrick Taylor
Saluda, Middle 6: Hwy 288 (Pumpkintown Rd.) to Hwy 186 (Dacusville Rd.) [SC] 6y13d04h30m Garrick Taylor
Saluda, Middle 7: Hwy 186 (Dacusville Rd.) to Hunt's Bridge Road [SC] 6y13d04h30m Garrick Taylor update flow range based on comments
Saluda, Middle 3: Gap Creek Road to below Dead Man's Curve [SC] 6y13d06h03m Garrick Taylor
Saluda, Middle 2: Jones Gap State Park to Gap Creek Rd. [SC] 6y13d08h20m Garrick Taylor update for permit and reactivation of gauge
Saluda, Middle 1: (Jones Gap) Jones Gap Trail bridge to bridge at park HQ [SC] 6y13d08h58m Garrick Taylor
Enoree 1. SC Route 14, Pelham, to SC Route 296 [SC] 6y165d05h53m Garrick Taylor
Eastatoe Creek -2, Lower Gorge Mill Creek to Dug Mountain Access [SC] 6y223d17h33m wreeves
Eastatoe Creek -1 US 178 to Smith Creek above Lake Keowee [SC] 6y223d17h34m wreeves
Twelvemile Creek Liberty Hwy to SC 137 [SC] 7y116d07h46m Joey
Enoree 2. SC 418 to Allens Bridge [SC] 7y180d12h56m Matt Muir Reordering reaches.
Enoree 4. SC Route 49 to SC route 56 [SC] 7y180d12h57m Matt Muir Reordering reaches.
Enoree 3. Hwy 221 (Enoree Bridge) to Clippards St. [SC] 7y180d12h58m Matt Muir Reordering reaches.
Chattooga River, East Fork 2: Walhalla Fish Hatchery to Chattooga [SC] 7y190d08h04m wreeves
Chattooga River, East Fork 1: Hwy 107 to Walhalla Fish Hatchery [SC] 7y190d08h05m wreeves
Reedy River 4 - Log Shoals Rd to West Georgia Rd [SC] 7y256d07h29m Garrick Taylor update access info
Reedy 6 - Huff Creek in Fork Shoals to Cedar Shoals [SC] 8y61d14h32m Matt Muir corrected non-neg lon coords.
Was a river Nohow to Nowhere [SC] 8y61d17h09m Matt Muir Remove to elim confusion
Congaree Broad to Gervais [SC] 8y61d21h02m Matt Muir Corrected coords; added mileage.
Little Tanyard Bridge to Stamp Creek Access [SC] 8y83d15h00m Matt Muir Corrected coords; added abstract; corrected river name.
Whetstone Creek Sandy Ford Access Road to Sandy Ford [SC] 9y238d23h01m Matt Muir Added link to Section 3.
Chattooga Section 4.0 - Will delete once photos are moved [SC] 9y240d21h08m Matt Muir
Whitewater Base of Upper Falls to Lake Jocassee [SC] > 10 years
Reedy Cove Creek Above Twin Falls (Reedy Cove Falls) [SC] > 10 years Adam Hackenberg
Saluda, South 2- Blyth Shoals - Hwy 11 to Talley Bridge [SC] > 10 years
Little Eastatoe Dirt road off Hwy 11 to Hwy 11 bridge [SC] > 10 years
Flat Shoal River 1: Hwy 11 to Flat Shoals Bridge [SC] > 10 years David Scull
Tyger, South Berrys Mill Pond (SC Route 82) to SC Route 417 [SC] > 10 years
Wilson Creek Hwy 84 to Burris Rd. [SC] > 10 years
Little River Breaks on the Little River [SC] > 10 years
Broad Mouth Creek Broad Mouth Church Rd to Erwin Mill Rd [SC] > 10 years
Beaverdam Creek Drummond Rd. to Enoree Bridge (Hwy 221) [SC] > 10 years
Chattooga Section 2 - Highway 28 Putin to Earl's Ford [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Tyger, Middle Duncan to Startex [SC] > 10 years
Tyger Route 35 Bridge to SC Route 34 on Broad [SC] > 10 years
Rocky River High Shoals [SC] > 10 years
Carrick Creek Green Creek Conf. to Pinnacle Lake [SC] > 10 years
Saluda, South 1- Table Rock Reservoir to Highway 11 [SC] > 10 years
Oilcamp creek Oilcamp Road [SC] > 10 years
Matthews Creek Raven Cliff Falls to US 276 [SC] > 10 years
Reedy River 0- Reedy River Falls Historic Park (Falls Park) [SC] > 10 years
Oconee Creek Hwy 11 to Little River [SC] > 10 years
Little, North Fork Highway 11 to Tanyard Bridge (SSR 37-24) [SC] > 10 years
Frey Creek Falling Creek Rd to W.H. Abernathy Hwy [SC] > 10 years
Flat Shoal River 2: Flat Shoals Bridge to Tanyard Bridge (SSR 37-24) [SC] > 10 years David Scull
Saluda, North 1 - Trail to North Saluda Reservoir [SC] > 10 years
Saluda, North 3 - Route 89 to Saluda River [SC] > 10 years
Saluda 4 - Lake Murray Dam to Broad/Congaree confluence [SC] > 10 years
Saluda, North 2 - Hwy 25 to State Road 11 [SC] > 10 years
Brasstown Creek Brasstown Road to Yonah Lake [SC] > 10 years
Huff Creek Reedy Fork to Griffin Mill [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Kings Branch Kings Mountain Park Run [SC] > 10 years
Eighteenmile Creek Nettles Park to US 76 [SC] > 10 years
Chauga 2: Route 193 to Route 290/Cassidy Bridge [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Snow Snow Creek Rd. to Lake Hartwell [SC] > 10 years
Double Branch US 178 to State Rd 88 [SC] > 10 years
Cedar Shoals Creek New Hope Church Rd. to Horseshoe Falls Rd. [SC] > 10 years
Saluda 3 - Holiday Bridge Hydro Station to Ware Shoals [SC] > 10 years Ryan Culbertson
Coneross Creek SC 59 to Coneross Hydro Plant Park [SC] > 10 years
Todd Creek Brookbend Rd. to Lake Hartwell [SC] > 10 years
Sixmile Creek Jones Mill Rd. to Lake Issaqueena [SC] > 10 years
Stevens Creek Highway 283 to SR 23 [SC] > 10 years
Warrior Creek SC 49 to Enoree River [SC] > 10 years
Tyger, North Route 231 to S.Tyger River [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Saluda 2 - Speedway Play Spot - Park and Play upstream of 124 [SC] > 10 years j. michael simpson
Saluda 1 - Saluda Dam to SC Route 86 in Piedmont [SC] > 10 years
Reedy River 9 - Tumbling Shoals [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Chauga 4: Cobbs Bridge Rd. to N. Horseshoe Bridge Rd. [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Chauga 3: Route 290 /Cassidy Bridge Rd. to Cobbs Bridge Rd. [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Chauga 1: Verner Mill Rd. to Blackwell Bridge [SC] > 10 years
Broad 3: I-20 to Congaree River [SC] > 10 years
Broad 2: SC Routes 121/72/215 Bridge to SC Route 34 Bridge [SC] > 10 years
Broad 1: SC Route 18 Bridge to SC Route 211 Bridge [SC] > 10 years Andrew Lazenby
Cedar Creek Blue Hole Falls to Cobbs Bridge Rd. (Chauga River) [SC] > 10 years
Pacolet Clifton II to Lawson's Fork [SC] > 10 years Jim Spears
Island Creek Cornmill Road Near Mayo to Pacolet River [SC] > 10 years
Jimmies Creek I-26 to Tyger River [SC] > 10 years Jim Spears
Catawba Great Falls [SC] > 10 years Andrew Lazenby
Tyger, South Route 86 to Route 113 [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller
Tyger, North Route 231 to Route 113 [SC] > 10 years Kevin Miller