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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Mississippi Sauk Rapids (PnP) [MN] 10d22h05m Rob Select featured photo; embed YouTube Vid
Split Rock Superior Hiking Trail to Hwy 61 (2.9 miles) [MN] 10d23h11m Rob embed youtube video
Grindstone Hinkley Dam to Kettle River/Hwy.48 (6.75+1.66 miles) [MN] 190d21h38m Rob initial add
Brule C) Sauna Bath Rapid to Hwy.61 (6 miles) [MN] 222d11h43m Rob promote gauge info to main page
Kadunce Superior Hiking Trail footbridge to Hwy 61 (0.5 mile) [MN] 258d15h33m Rob add 'quick facts'
Beaver, E.Br. B) CR5 to CR4 (2.6 miles) [MN] 2y6d19h03m Rob minor edit
Onion Falls (PnH) [MN] 2y13d23h07m Rob minor tweaks; add features to embed photos
Beaver C) Lax Lake Rd/CR4 to Hwy 61 (2 miles) [MN] 2y14d10h40m Rob add sequencing to name
St. Croix C) Taylors Falls (PnP) [MN] 2y122d03h05m Rob minor edit
Pigeon B) Old Hwy.61/MN89 to Hwy.61 (8 miles) [MN] 2y184d00h57m Rob minor edit
Pigeon A) Partridge Falls to Old Hwy.61/MN89 (11 miles) [MN] 2y184d01h37m Rob minor edit
Nira/Denley Creek Harris Lake to Birch Lake (8 miles) [MN] 2y208d22h33m Rob minor edit
Manitou A) E.General Grade Road/362 to Cty.7 (9.2 miles) [MN] 2y208d22h45m Rob minor edit
Beaver, E.Br. A) Beaver River Road to CR5 (10.85 miles) [MN] 2y208d23h30m Rob minor edit
Upper Tamarack Radigan dam to Markville (MN) (5.3, 10.3 or 13.3 miles) [MN] 2y209d12h07m Rob minor edit
Cascade A) The Grade/153 to Cascade River Road/157 (6.8 miles) [MN] 2y209d12h48m Rob minor change
Caribou Co.Hwy.8 to Hwy.61 (6.66 miles) [MN] 2y209d12h51m Rob minor change
Brule B) Northern Light Lake to Sauna Bath Rapid (12 miles) [MN] 2y209d13h05m Rob minor edit
Brule A) USFS1378/315/Lima Grde to Timber Creek landing (14.8 miles) [MN] 2y209d13h08m Rob minor edit
Big Fork B) Big Falls (0.25 mile) [MN] 2y209d13h12m Rob minor edit
Beaver A) North Shore Snomobile Trail to CR3/Airport Road (7.2 miles) [MN] 2y209d13h22m Rob minor edit
Poplar Lutsen ski hill to golf course bridge above Hwy 61 (2.2 miles) [MN] 2y256d23h48m Carla Miner copy edits
Temperance B) Sawbill Trail/2 at Pancore/338 to Six Hundred Road/FR166 (6.5 miles) [MN] 2y288d18h21m Rob Minor edit; add waypoints (features/rapids)
Gooseberry Cty 3 to Gooseberry Falls State Park (9 miles) [MN] 2y297d15h15m Rob minor edit (adding features/waypoints)
Devil Track B) Maple Hill to Lake Superior (5.4 miles) [MN] 2y298d08h02m Rob minor edit (adding features/waypoints)
Devil Track A) Devil Track Lake to Maple Hill (3.2 miles) [MN] 2y298d15h02m Rob minor edit (adding features/waypoints)
Big Sucker Creek Cty 33 to Lake Superior (6.5 miles) [MN] 2y299d00h08m Rob minor edit (adding features/waypoints)
Dark Dark Lake to Carpenter Road/FR481 (7.1 or 8.3 miles) [MN] 2y302d18h30m Rob initial add
Echo Echo Lake to Crane Lake (10 miles) [MN] 2y307d00h44m Rob initial add
Hunting Shack FR199 to Echo Lake (5.2 miles) [MN] 2y307d13h23m Rob initial add
Stony A) Slate Lake (CR1) to 424 (8.4 miles) [MN] 2y310d01h07m Rob finish initial description
Temperance A) The Grade/166 to Sawbill Trail/2 (9.75 miles) [MN] 2y315d21h04m Rob typo correction
Stony FS Rd 424 to Birch Lake (5 miles) [MN] 2y316d00h22m Rob fix youtube link; add features
Beaver B) Co.Rd.3/Airport Rd. to Glen Avon Falls (2.85 miles) [MN] 2y319d01h22m Rob minor edits
Gooseberry Twnp25 to CR3 (5.9 miles) [MN] 2y321d01h48m Rob initial add
Baptism, W.Br. Rte. 1 (4.5 miles NW of Finland) to Finland (5.4 miles) [MN] 2y328d15h17m Rob minor edit
Duluth creeks various [MN] 2y331d20h32m Rob revise HUC
Cross Forest Rd 166 to falls above Hwy 61 (8.5 miles) [MN] 2y339d15h32m Rob minor edit
Manitou Cty.7 to falls above Hwy 61 (6.6 miles) [MN] 2y339d21h34m Rob minor edit
Cross A) Four Mile Grade Rd/170 to Six Hundred Road/FR166 (6.75 miles) [MN] 2y342d09h44m Rob Initial add
Temperance C) Six Hundred Road/166 to Temperance River State Park (8.5 miles) [MN] 2y343d16h11m Rob rename/resequence
Cascade D) Cascades of the Cascade (0.5 mile) [MN] 2y343d21h17m Rob rename/resequence
Cascade C) CR45/Pike Lake Road to Cascade River State Park (3.5 miles) [MN] 2y343d21h17m Rob rename/resequence
Cascade B) FR157/Cascade River Road to CR45/Pike Lake Road (3.5 miles) [MN] 2y343d21h18m Rob rename/resequence
Flute Reed Cty 69 to Lake Superior (0.6-1.0 mile) [MN] 2y352d23h18m Rob add previously absent river description
Poplar B) Barker Lake Road to Superior Hiking Trail (4.5-6.8 miles) [MN] 2y353d00h07m Rob Initial add
Poplar A) Campground/Honeymoon Trail to Barker Lake Road (5 miles) [MN] 2y353d20h38m Rob Initial add
Net Holyoke (PnH) [MN] 3y218d02h35m Rob Migrate comments to body of description.
Two Island Cty 1 to Hwy 61 (4.3 miles) [MN] 3y283d19h29m Rob Select featured photo
Partridge Co.Rd.565/Allen Junction Rd to Co.Hwy.110 (7 miles) [MN] 3y349d12h48m Rob Add featured photo.
St. Louis D) Hwy.61 (Scanlon) to CR210 (Thomson Reservoir) (3.4 miles) [MN] 4y331d23h42m Rob Embed YouTube video
Vermilion B) Eightmile Creek to Cty 24 (CCC boat landing) (1.5 miles) [MN] 5y88d09h36m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Sand Creek Jordan (PnP or up to 6 miles) [MN] 5y155d13h10m Rob Modify take-out location for shuttle.
Otter Creek 3rd St., Carlton, to St. Louis River (1.3 miles) [MN] 6y49d01h06m Rob Adjust reach length (based on GoogleEarth measurement)
St. Louis E) CR210 to Oldenburg Point (3.25 miles) [MN] 6y137d23h52m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Baptism B) Eckbeck campground to Lake Superior (4 miles) [MN] 6y146d11h56m Cliff Langley
Baptism A) Finland to Eckbeck campground (5.2 miles) [MN] 6y149d18h16m Matt Muir Updated gage link.
Amity Creek Skyline Pkwy to Lester River (2.4 miles) [MN] 6y150d03h57m Matt Muir Added gauge info.
Kettle B) Banning State Park to Sandstone (2.8 or 4.3 miles) [MN] 6y205d22h06m Rob Add gauge analysis.
Big Fork A) Hwy.1 wayside to Little American Falls picnic area (18.3 miles) [MN] 6y206d01h35m Rob Add featured photo and promote boater comment into main page.
St. Louis A) Skibo Mill to FR110 (7.3 miles) [MN] 6y210d23h43m Rob Change default class/rating to conjectured rating.
Cloquet US Route 53 to US Route 2 (11 miles) [MN] 6y210d23h46m Rob Change class/rating (from default).
Vermillion (Hastings) Falls to Old Mill in Hastings (0.5 mile) [MN] 6y352d14h59m Rob Embed YouTube video; add feature photo.
Stewart CR2 to Hwy.61 (4.9 miles) [MN] 6y362d18h40m Rob Embed a couple YouTube videos
Sevenmile Creek Sevenmile Park (2.4 miles) [MN] 6y362d19h25m Rob Mnor reformat
Redwood B) Redwood Falls (PnP, 1.4 or 4.6 miles) [MN] 7y44d12h30m Rob Addendum.
Hawk Creek Highway 212 to Minnesota River (10.6 miles) [MN] 7y44d13h56m Rob Initial info.
Yellow Medicine Hanley Falls to Minnesota River (18.8 miles) [MN] 7y44d14h16m Rob Minor edits.
Wild Rice, S.Br. 220th St.N to 190th St.N (5.66 miles) [MN] 7y72d21h55m Rob Select feature photo, and add caution re: fences.
Whiteface near Kelsey, MN (4.4 miles) [MN] 7y87d01h20m Rob Incorporate user comment into description
Redwood A) Russell, through Camden State Park, to Lynd (15 miles) [MN] 7y174d10h35m Rob Add length/gradient values
Cannon B) Lake Byllesby to Third Street in Canon Falls (2 miles) [MN] 7y181d22h13m Rob Add YouTube of Little Cannon Falls.
Beaver Creek Beaver Falls (PnP or 2.58 miles) [MN] 7y200d03h52m Rob Add YouTube video; minor description changes.
Knife Cty 102 to Lake Superior (5.5 miles) [MN] 7y310d18h56m Rob Add feature photo to main page.
Kimball Creek CR60 to Hwy.61/Lake Superior (3.45 miles) [MN] 7y319d20h24m Rob
St. Louis B) Boat Landing off Co.Hwy.110 to Forest Road 780 (6.75 or up to 18.7 miles) [MN] 7y342d18h48m Rob
Lower Tamarack Hwy.25 to Hwy.48/77 (10.2 miles) [MN] 8y46h41m Rob Add gradient value.
Lester Lester River Rd. to Superior St. (1.5 miles) [MN] 8y88h46m Rob Remove dead link.
Cannon A) Northfield: Ames (Malt-o-Meal) Dam (*Proposed* restructuring with possible play features) [MN] 8y4d03h56m Rob Correct river name
St. Louis C) Hwy.53 to Hwy.33 (Cloquet) (95 miles) [MN] 8y6d16h20m Rob
Midway Canosia Road (Esko) to CR210 (Thomson Reservoir) (5.15 miles) [MN] 8y8d21h29m Rob
Lake Superior Various 'North Shore' (Minnesota) locations [MN] 8y74d23h54m Rob
St. Croix B) Nelson's Landing to Snake River Confluence (Soderbeck Landing) (8 miles) [MN] 8y182d14h33m Rob
French Cty 33 to Ryan Rd (2.2 miles) [MN] 8y203d16h25m Rob
Crow Creek Cty 3 to Lake Superior (2.95 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [MN] 8y203d16h37m Rob
Encampment Cty 3 to Hwy 61 (2.58 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [MN] 8y204d05h28m Rob
Vermilion C) FS491 to CR24 (Crane Lake landing) (4 miles) [MN] 8y224d01h10m Rob
Snake A) Silver Star Rd to Township Rd (22.3 miles) [MN] 8y224d01h42m Rob
Little Fork B) Hwy.73 to Samuelson Park (3.75, 6.65, or up to 23 miles) [MN] 9y116d04h39m
St. Croix Taylor's Falls [MN] > 10 years
Kettle A) CR4 (near Kettle Lake) to CR52 (Moose Horn R.) (25 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Sauk K. of C. Park to Mississippi River (4.1 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Vermilion A) Vermilion Dam to Twomile Creek (5.5 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Snake C) Cross Lake to confluence with St. Croix R. (12 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Snake B) Township Road (East of Woodland) to Mora (28 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Little Fork A) CR914 to CR481 (6.4 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Kettle C) Big Eddy to St. Croix R. (5 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Sturgeon CR766 to Hwy.65 (3.4 miles) [MN] > 10 years
Silver Creek Cty 3 to Hwy 61 (1.1 miles) [MN] > 10 years