Color Mode
Level Legend Low Running High Unknown
River Name/Section Class Level   Updated
American [WA] 1. Lodgepole Campground to Hell's Crossing II-III+ n/a

American [WA] 2. Hell's Crossing to American Forks III-IV n/a

Bacon Creek [WA] Falls Creek to Skagit River confluence II+(IV) n/a

Baker Creek [WA] Old Bridge to Middle Satsop III-IV n/a

Baker River [WA] North Cascades National Park to Baker Lake II n/a

Beckler [WA] Rapid River to S.Fork Skykomish II-III n/a

Big Creek [WA] Bridge above Narrows to South Boundary Road Bridge III n/a

Big Quilcene [WA] 1 - bl. Tunnel Creek to Rainbow Campground (Upper) V+ n/a

Big Quilcene [WA] 2 - Rainbow Campground to fish hatchery (Lower) IV-V n/a

Big Sheep Creek [WA] Sheep Creek Rd. mile 7.5 to Sheep Creek C.G. II(III) n/a

Bogachiel [WA] Park Boundary to Hwy 101 II n/a

Boulder [WA] Boulder Falls to mouth III-V(V+) n/a

Box Canyon Creek [WA] to Kachess Reservoir III-IV+(V) n/a

Bridge Creek (Stehekin River) [WA] Ingalls Boulder Field Trailhead to Lady of the Lake Ferry Te... IV-V n/a

Bumping [WA] 1. Bumping Reservoir to American River II n/a

Bumping [WA] 2. American River to Sawmill Flat (on Naches) II+ n/a

Butter Creek [WA] along FR 5270 III n/a

Calawah, N. Fork [WA] Balch Bridge to SF Calawah confluence II+ n/a

Calawah, S. Fork [WA] Rugged Ridge Trail to Hyas Creek III-IV n/a

Calawah [WA] Hyas Creek to Bogachiel River II-III n/a

Canyon Creek (Klickitat drainage) [WA] Soda Springs Rd. to Little Klickitat IV-V n/a

Canyon Creek (Lewis River trib.) [WA] 1 - Twin Bridges to Fly Creek IV-V n/a

Canyon Creek (Lewis River trib.) [WA] 2 - Fly Creek to Merwin Reservoir IV+ n/a

Canyon Creek (NF Nooksack) [WA] Canyon Creek Bridge to Glacier Springs. IV-V+ n/a

Canyon Creek (S.F. Still. trib) [WA] 1 - Confluence to Hampton Tree Farm Bridge IV-V n/a

Canyon Creek (S.F. Still. trib) [WA] 2 - Hampton Tree Farm Bridge to Fishing Access II+ n/a

Canyon Creek (S.F. Still. trib) [WA] 3 - Fishing Access site to S.Fork Stillaguamish IV-V n/a

Canyon Creek (Skagit trib.) [WA] Slate Creek to Granite Creek IV-V n/a

Canyon River (Satsop trib.) [WA] FR 2260 to Cougar Smith Rd. II n/a

Carbon [WA] 1 - Fairfax to 177th St. East V n/a

Carbon [WA] 2 - 177th St. East to Puyallup River II n/a

Cascade [WA] 1 - bl. Mineral Park to Marble Creek Campground (Upper) II n/a

Cascade [WA] 2 - Marble Creek Campground to Bridge nr. Skagit confluence V n/a

Cedar Creek [WA] Amboy to N. Fork Lewis II-III(IV) n/a

Cedar Creek [WA] Sherman Creek to Cedar Creek Rd. II+ n/a

Cedar River [WA] Landsburg bridge to Maplewood Roadside Park II n/a

Chehalis, E. Fork [WA] mile 3 to Chehalis River III n/a

Chehalis, W. Fork [WA] mile 3 to Chehalis River III-IV n/a

Chehalis [WA] 1 - West Fork to Pe Ell III-IV n/a

Chehalis [WA] 2 - Pe Ell to Doty II n/a

Chehalis [WA] 3 - Rainbow Falls to Meeskill II n/a

Chelan [WA] Lake Chelan to Columbia River V n/a

Chewuch [WA] 1. Andrews Camp to Camp Four (The Upper) IV-V n/a

Chewuch [WA] 2. Camp Four to Five Mile Bridge (The Middle) II-III n/a

Chewuch [WA] 3. Five Mile Bridge to Winthrop (The Lower) II+(IV) n/a

Chinook Creek [WA] Deer Creek to Cedar Flats IV-V n/a

Chiwawa [WA] 1 - Schaefer Creek to Huckleberry Campground (near Brush Cre... II n/a

Chiwawa [WA] 2 - Huckleberry Campground (near Brush Creek) to Wenatchee R... III n/a

Christmas Creek [WA] C2400 bridge to Clearwater River II+(IV) n/a

Cispus, N. Fork [WA] FR 22 Bridge to North Fork Campground IV-V n/a

Cispus [WA] 1 - Goat Creek to FR 2160 (Super Slides) V n/a

Cispus [WA] 2 - Adams Fork to FR 23 Bridge (The Upper Upper) V n/a

Cispus [WA] 3 - FR 23 Bridge to FR 28 Bridge (The Upper) III+(IV) n/a

Cispus [WA] 4 - Road 28 Bridge to Scanewa Reservoir (The Lower) III n/a

Cle Elum [WA] 1 - Scatter Creek to Salmon La Sac Creek (China Gorge) IV-V n/a

Cle Elum [WA] 2 - Salmon La Sac Creek to Cle Elum Reservoir II n/a

Cle Elum [WA] 3 - Cle Elum Dam to confluence with Yakima River II n/a

Clear Creek [WA] Eightmile Creek to ab. Abestos Creek Falls IV n/a

Clearwater (MF Nooksack trib.) [WA] to MF Nooksack V n/a

Clearwater (White River trib.) [WA] Bridge to confluence with White River III n/a

Clearwater [WA] 1 - Upper Clearwater Rd. access to Clearwater Campground (Up... III-IV n/a

Clearwater [WA] 2 - Clearwater Campground to 144 Gross Bridge (Middle) II n/a

Clearwater [WA] 3 - 144 Gross Bridge to Queets River (Lower) II n/a

Coal Creek [WA] E. Fork to Harmony Dr. III+(IV) n/a

Cooper River [WA] Waterfall to Cle Elum River IV-V n/a

Copper Creek [WA] road's end to E. Fork Lewis IV-V n/a

Coweeman River [WA] Brown Creek to Jim Watson Creek II-III(IV) n/a

Cowlitz, Clear Fork [WA] Lava Creek to La Wis Wis Campground V+ n/a

Cowlitz, Muddy Fork [WA] to Cowlitz River V n/a

Cowlitz [WA] 1. La Wis Wis Campground to Packwood II n/a

Cowlitz [WA] 2. Cispus River to Barrier Dam III n/a

Cowlitz [WA] 3. salmon hatchery to Blue Creek access (The Lower) I-II n/a

Day Creek [WA] Blair Rd. to Skagit River IV-V(V+) n/a

Deception Creek [WA] Fisher Creek to Tye River V+ n/a

Deer Creek [WA] Bridge at Rick Creek to mouth (town of Oso) IV-V+ n/a

Deschutes [WA] Vail Loop Rd. to Military Rd. II n/a

Dingford Creek [WA] bl. Goat Creek to M.F. Snoqualmie V+ n/a

Donkey Creek [WA] Perfection Falls to W. Fork Humptulips I-III+ n/a

Dosewallips [WA] 1. Dosewallips Falls to Elkhorn Campground (Elkhorn Canyon) V+ n/a

Dosewallips [WA] 2. Elkhorn Campground to Six Mile Bridge III-IV+ n/a

Dosewallips [WA] 3. Six Mile Bridge to Dosewallips State Park II-III n/a

Downey Creek [WA] Downey Creek trail to Suiattle River III-IV n/a

Duckabush [WA] 2515 Bridge to Highway 101 at mouth IV n/a

Dungeness [WA] 1. Gold Creek to Dungeness Forks Campground III-IV n/a

Dungeness [WA] 2. Dungeness Forks Campground to hatchery III n/a

Duwamish [WA] King County Park behind Boeing I-II n/a

Elochoman [WA] N. Fork to Beaver Creek hatchery II-III+ n/a

Elwha [WA] 1. Grand Canyon V n/a

Elwha [WA] 2. Glines Canyon to Highway 101 II-III(IV) n/a

Elwha [WA] 3. Highway 101 to river mouth (ocean surf) II-III(IV) n/a

Entiat [WA] 1. Cottonwood Campground to FR 5605 (Cottonwood Section) III-IV(V+) n/a

Entiat [WA] 2. FR 5605 to Tommy Creek trailhead (Box Canyon) III-IV(V+) n/a

Entiat [WA] 3. Lake Creek Campground to National Forest boundary (Canyon... IV+ n/a

Entiat [WA] 4. Ardenvoir to Columbia River (Lower) II+ n/a

Finney Creek [WA] Finney Creek Rd. Bridge to bridge at mouth V n/a

Fly Creek [WA] Little Fly Creek to Canyon Creek V+ n/a

Foss [WA] FR 68 Bridge to Highway 2 bridge IV+ n/a

Germany Creek [WA] Rd. 1300 to end of county road III+ n/a

Glacier Creek [WA] FR 39 Bridge to NF Nooksack III-IV n/a

Goble Creek [WA] North Fork and Main Fork III n/a

Goodman Creek [WA] FR 2931 100 spur access to Soleduck River III+(V) n/a

Grande Ronde [WA] Troy (OR) to Snake River at Heller Bar II-III n/a

Granite Creek [WA] 1. Hwy. 20 to Beebe Creek (Upper) IV-V(V+) n/a

Granite Creek [WA] 2. Beebe Creek to Panther Creek (includes Ruby Creek) IV n/a

Gray Wolf [WA] Deer Park to Dungeness Forks Campground IV-V n/a

Grays River [WA] S. Fork Grays to Hwy. 4 IV+ n/a

Green River (Toutle Drainage) [WA] Cascade Creek to Beaver Creek III-IV n/a

Green [WA] 1 - Headworks to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park II+(III) n/a

Green [WA] 2 - Green River Gorge III-IV n/a

Green [WA] 3 - Flaming Geyser State Park to 212 Way SE Bridge (Yo-Yo) II n/a

Greenwater [WA] FR 7030 Bridge to Highway 410 (town of Greenwater) II(IV) n/a

Hagen Creek [WA] Into the NW Fork Washougal IV(V) n/a

Hamma Hamma [WA] 1. Boulder Creek to Hamma Hamma Campground (Upper) V+ n/a

Hamma Hamma [WA] 2. Hamma Hamma Campground to gorge (Lower) III-IV n/a

Hangman (Latah) Creek [WA] 1. Upper II-III+(IV) n/a

Hangman (Latah) Creek [WA] 2. Lower II+ n/a

Hoffstadt Creek [WA] 3100 Rd. to N. Fork Toutle IV-V(V+) n/a

Hoh, S. Fork [WA] Park boundary to South Fork Campground II-III n/a

Hoh [WA] Ranger Station to Hwy 101 at Oxbow II n/a

Hoko [WA] Hoko Falls Run I-II(IV) n/a

Humptulips, E. Fork [WA] 1 - FR 2206 access to FR 22 Bridge (Narrows Run) III n/a

Humptulips, E. Fork [WA] 2 - FR 22 Bridge to Gorge (Falls Section) III n/a

Humptulips, E. Fork [WA] 3 - Gorge Run downstream to Boise Bridge III n/a

Humptulips, W. Fork [WA] 1 - FR 2204 bridge to FR 2203 access (Gorge) IV+ n/a

Humptulips, W. Fork [WA] 2 - FR 2203 access to Donkey Creek Rd. (FR 22) II n/a

Hyas Creek [WA] FR 29 030 spur to SF Calawah confluence II-III(IV) n/a

Icicle Creek [WA] 1 - Rock Island Campground to Johnny Creek (Upper) II-III+(V) n/a

Icicle Creek [WA] 2 -Johnny Creek to Snow Creek trailhead IV-V(V+) n/a

Icicle Creek [WA] 3 - Snow Creek trailhead to Leavenworth Hatchery IV+ n/a

Illabot Creek [WA] to Rockport-Cascade Rd. V n/a

Ingalls Creek [WA] Ingalls Creek Rd. to Peshastin Creek IV n/a

Jackman [WA] mile 6 to mile 1 IV-V n/a

Jefferson Creek [WA] Elk Lake to Hamma Hamma V n/a

Jim Creek [WA] Naval Station to S. Fork Stillaguamish II n/a

Johnson Creek [WA] Glacier Creek to Highway 12 V n/a

Joseph Creek [WA] Headwaters to confluence with Grande Ronde River II-III(IV) n/a

Kalama [WA] 1. Upper Kalama Falls to Gobar Creek (Upper) III-IV n/a

Kalama [WA] 2. Gobar Creek (Gate) to Lower Kalama Falls (Hatchery) II-IV n/a

Kalama [WA] 3. Lower Kalama Falls to Modrow Road III-IV n/a

Kettle [WA] Orient to Barstow II-III n/a

Klickitat [WA] 1 - Yakama Reservation to Leidl Campground III+ n/a

Klickitat [WA] 2 - Leidl Campground to Klickitat Springs II n/a

Klickitat [WA] 3 - Klickitat Springs to Fishing Access II-III n/a

Klickitat [WA] 4 - Fishing Access on Highway 142 to Columbia River (Lyle Go... V+ n/a

Lake Creek [WA] along FR 400 V+ n/a

Lewis, E. Fork [WA] 1 - Green Fork to Sunset Falls (Upper) III-IV(V) n/a

Lewis, E. Fork [WA] 2 - Sunset Falls to bl. Horshoe Falls (Falls Section) IV n/a

Lewis, E. Fork [WA] 3 - Rock Creek to Moulton Falls Park III-V n/a

Lewis, E. Fork [WA] 4 - Moulton Falls to Lewisville Park (Hwy 503) III+(V) n/a

Lewis, E. Fork [WA] 5 - Lewisville Park (Hwy 503) to Daybreak Park II n/a

Lewis, N. Fork [WA] 1. Twin Falls to FR 88 II-III n/a

Lewis, N. Fork [WA] 2. FR 88 to Quartz Creek (Upper) IV(V) n/a

Lewis, N. Fork [WA] 3. Quartz Creek to Cussed Hollow (The Falls) V+ n/a

Lewis, N. Fork [WA] 4. Cussed Hollow to FR 9039 (Middle) III-IV n/a

Lewis, N. Fork [WA] 5. FR 9039 to Swift Reservoir (Lower) II-III n/a

Lightning Creek [WA] Boundary Trail to Ross Reservoir III-IV(V) n/a

Little Beaver [WA] River Mile 3 to Ross Reservoir IV-V n/a

Little Klickitat [WA] Olsen Road to Klickitat River IV-V n/a

Little Naches [WA] Matthew Creek to Little Naches Campground II-III+(IV) n/a

Little Nisqually [WA] Winston Creek to Alder Lake IV+ n/a

Little Washougal [WA] Boulder Creek to Washougal River II-III(IV) n/a

Little Wenatchee [WA] Fall Creek to Lake Creek Campground IV(V) n/a

Little White Salmon [WA] Willard to Columbia River V n/a

Lost [WA] Drake Creek to Methow River confluence IV-V n/a

Lyre [WA] Off PA J-3000 to Lyre River Campground IV-V n/a

Mad [WA] 3.3 miles up Mad River to Entiat River III-IV n/a

Martin Creek [WA] along FR 6710 V+ n/a

Mashel [WA] Eatonville to Nisqually River confluence II-IV n/a

Matheny Creek [WA] FR 21 Bridge to Q-1800 Bridge (Lower) III-IV n/a

Matheny Creek [WA] North Fork to FR 21 Bridge (Upper & Middle) IV+ n/a

McCoy Creek [WA] milepost 8 to Yellowjacket Creek V n/a

Methow [WA] 1. River Bend Campground to Carlton II(III) n/a

Methow [WA] 2. Carlton to McFarland Creek access II n/a

Methow [WA] 3. McFarland Creek access to Pateros (Black Canyon) III n/a

Miller, East Fork [WA] along FR 6412 V n/a

Miller, West Fork [WA] Upstream of Miller Rd. Bridge V+ n/a

Miller [WA] East Fork to NE Old Cascade Highway IV n/a

Mineral Creek, N. Fork [WA] Gale to Mineral Creek IV(V) n/a

Mineral Creek [WA] N. Fork to Alder Lake II n/a

Money Creek [WA] Upstream of Money Creek Rd. Bridge IV-V n/a

Muddy [WA] FR 25 Bridge to Lewis, N. Fork II-III(IV) n/a

Naches [WA] Sawmill Flat to bl. Town of Naches II-III n/a

Naselle, N. Fork [WA] Quarry to Brock Creek III-IV(V+) n/a

Nason [WA] 1. Berne to Merritt (Upper) IV-V n/a

Nason [WA] 2. Merritt to Coles Corner (Lower) II-III n/a

Nisqually [WA] 1 - La Grande Reservoir to Mashel River V n/a

Nisqually [WA] 2 - Mashel River to Mckenna II n/a

Nisqually [WA] 3 - McKenna to Yelm Hydro Plant II-III n/a

Nooksack, Middle Fork [WA] Clearwater Creek to Heisters Creek V n/a

Nooksack, N. Fork [WA] 1 - Mt. Baker Wilderness to Nooksack Falls V n/a

Nooksack, N. Fork [WA] 2 - Nooksack Falls to Douglas Fir Campground IV+ n/a

Nooksack, N. Fork [WA] 3 - Douglas Fir Campground to Mt. Baker Highway milepost 27 II-III n/a

Nooksack, N. Fork [WA] 4 - Milepost 27 (Maple Falls) to South Fork Nooksack II n/a

Nooksack, S. Fork [WA] River Mile 25 to Saxon Road II-III n/a

Ohanapecosh [WA] Ohanapecosh Campground to La Wis Wis Campground V n/a

Olequa Creek [WA] Annonen Rd. to Cowlitz River II+ n/a

Palouse River [WA] 1. Hooper to Palouse Falls State Park III+(V) n/a

Palouse River [WA] 2. Palouse Falls State Park to Lyons Ferry State Park II n/a

Panther Creek [WA] to confluence with Lower Wind River IV+ n/a

Peshastin Creek [WA] Highway 97 culvert to Wenatchee River III-IV n/a

Pilchuck Creek [WA] 2 - Pilchuck Creek Campsite to Highway 9 Bridge III-IV(V) n/a

Pilchuck Creek [WA] 3 - Highway 9 Bridge to I-5 Bridge II+ n/a

Pilchuck River [WA] 1-Road P-500 above Boulder Creek to Menzel Lake Road Bridge III+(IV) n/a

Pilchuck River [WA] 2-Machias to Snohomish II n/a

Pratt [WA] Kaleetan Creek to M.F. Snoqualmie IV n/a

Puyallup [WA] 1 - Niesson Creek to Electron V n/a

Puyallup [WA] 2 - Kapowsin Road Bridge to Highway 162 II n/a

Puyallup [WA] 3 - McMillin to Puyallup I-II n/a

Quartz Creek [WA] ab. Snaggletooth Creek to Lewis River IV-V+ n/a

Queets [WA] Queets Campground to Hartzell Launch II n/a

Quinault, North Fork [WA] Geoduck Creek to Kimta Creek (Gorge) V n/a

Quinault [WA] 1. Pony Bridge to Graves Creek IV-V n/a

Quinault [WA] 2. Cannings Creek to South Shore Rd. access II n/a

Racehorse Creek [WA] to NF Nooksack V+ n/a

Raging [WA] Hwy 18 to Preston III+ n/a

Raging [WA] Preston to Fall City III+ n/a

Rapid [WA] Road end to Beckler River IV n/a

Rattlesnake Creek (Naches trib.) [WA] North Fork to Nile Road Bridge III n/a

Rattlesnake Creek [WA] mile 3 to White Salmon IV(V) n/a

Rock Creek (Columbia River trib.) [WA] Steep Creek to Ryan-Allen Bridge II-IV(V) n/a

Rock Creek (Latah Creek trib.) [WA] Rockford to Hangman (Latah) Creek II-III n/a

Rock Creek (Lewis drainage) [WA] Dole Valley Road to E. Fork Lewis River II-III+ n/a

Rush Creek [WA] Meadow Creek to FR 90 V+ n/a

Ruth Creek [WA] Mt. Baker Wilderness Area to confluence with Nooksack River I n/a

Salmon [WA] West Boundary Road Bridge to Q-100 Bridge II(IV) n/a

Sam's [WA] 500 Bridge to Queets Campground IV-V n/a

Sand Hollow Creek [WA] Hwy. 26 mile 2 to Columbia River III-IV n/a

Satsop, E. Fork [WA] Simpson Hatchery to Cook Creek II n/a

Satsop, Middle Fork [WA] 1. Walter Creek to Baker Creek (Upper Upper) III+(IV) n/a

Satsop, Middle Fork [WA] 2. Baker Creek to road off Kelly Hall Road (Fools Canyon) IV-V n/a

Satsop, Middle Fork [WA] 3. Access off Kelly Hall Road to Tornow Road II n/a

Satsop, W, Fork [WA] 1. FR 23 to FR 2260 Bridge (Gorge Run) IV+ n/a

Satsop, W. Fork [WA] 2. FR 2260 Bridge to W. Satsop Rd. II n/a

Sauk, N. Fork [WA] Above North Fork Falls IV+ n/a

Sauk [WA] 1 - Bedal Campground to Whitechuck River (Upper) II-III n/a

Sauk [WA] 2 - Whitechuck River to Darrington III+ n/a

Sauk [WA] 3 - Darrington to Sauk River Park II n/a

Sherman Creek [WA] 1. Log Flume interpretive site to Inchelium Rd. II-III n/a

Sherman Creek [WA] 2. turnout to fish hatchery V n/a

Silver Creek [WA] Lynx Creek to Mary Kiona Park V n/a

Silver Creek [WA] Quartz Creek to North Fork Skykomish IV-V n/a

Similkameen [WA] Palmer Lake to Shankers Bend I-II(III) n/a

Siouxon Creek [WA] Calamity Creek to Yale Reservoir III-V n/a

Siouxon, North Fork [WA] Black Hole Falls to Siouxon Confluence III-IV+(V) n/a

Sitkum [WA] Above Brandeberry Creek to Hyas Creek II-V n/a

Skagit [WA] 1. Goodell Creek to Copper Creek II-III+ n/a

Skagit [WA] 2. Copper Creek to Rockport I-II n/a

Skate Creek [WA] Johnson Creek to Craig Rd. III+ n/a

Skokomish, N. Fork [WA] 1. Seven Stream to Staircase V+ n/a

Skokomish, N. Fork [WA] 2. Staircase to Lake Cushman II-III n/a

Skokomish, S. Fork [WA] Browns Creek to Vance Creek (Gorge Run) IV-V n/a

Skookum Creek [WA] Above lower gorge to SF of the Nooksack IV-V n/a

Skykomish, N. Fork [WA] 1. Jackson Wilderness to Bear Creek II-V n/a

Skykomish, N. Fork [WA] 2. Bear Creek (Drumbeater) to South Fork confluence IV n/a

Skykomish, S. Fork [WA] 1. Beckler River to bridge above Baring II n/a

Skykomish, S. Fork [WA] 2. Baring to Sunset Falls II(V+) n/a

Skykomish [WA] 1 - Index (Sunset Falls) to Railroad Bridge III+(IV) n/a

Skykomish [WA] 2 - Railroad Bridge to Big Eddy II n/a

Skykomish [WA] 3 - Big Eddy to Monroe I-II n/a

Sloan Creek [WA] to NF Sauk IV-V n/a

Snahapish [WA] C-2700 Bridge (near Correction Cntr.) to Clearwater River II+(IV) n/a

Snake [WA] J) Pittsburg Landing (or Salmon) to Heller Bar II n/a

Snake [WA] K. Heller Bar to Clearwater (Lewiston/Clarkston) I-II n/a

Snake [WA] L) Lewiston to Columbia River I n/a

Snoqualmie, Middle Fork [WA] 1 - Hardscrabble Creek to Burnboot Creek V n/a

Snoqualmie, Middle Fork [WA] 2 - Burnboot Creek to Taylor River II-III(IV) n/a

Snoqualmie, Middle Fork [WA] 3 - Taylor River to Concrete bridge (Upper) II n/a

Snoqualmie, Middle Fork [WA] 4 - Concrete bridge to Tanner (Middle-Middle) III-IV n/a

Snoqualmie, Middle Fork [WA] 5 - Tanner to North Bend (The Club Stretch) II n/a

Snoqualmie, N. Fork [WA] 1. Big Creek to Spur 10 Bridge (Upper) III n/a

Snoqualmie, N. Fork [WA] 2. Spur 10 Bridge to 428th St. Bridge (Ernie's Gorge) V+ n/a

Snoqualmie, S. Fork [WA] 1. I-90 Exit 52 to Denny Creek Campground (Fall in the Wall) IV-V n/a

Snoqualmie, S. Fork [WA] 2. Twin Falls State Park to 436th St. Bridge II+ n/a

Snoqualmie [WA] Snoqualmie Falls to Plum's Landing (Powerhouse) II+ n/a

Sol Duc, N. Fork [WA] N. Fork Trail Bridge to FR 2918 Bridge IV n/a

Sol Duc, S. Fork [WA] FR 2920 Bridge to FR 2918 Bridge IV+ n/a

Sol Duc [WA] 1. Salmon Cascade to FR 2918 Bridge IV n/a

Sol Duc [WA] 2. FR 2918 Bridge to Klahowya Campground III n/a

Sol Duc [WA] 3. Klahowya Campground to Bear Creek II+ n/a

Sol Duc [WA] 4. Bear Creek to Hatchery (Mosh Pit) III n/a

Sol Duc [WA] 5. Hatchery to Maxfield Road Bridge II n/a

Solleks [WA] Sollecks Bridge to Clearwater Campground III-IV n/a

South Praire Creek [WA] 1. E. Fork to Spiketon Rd. (Upper) V n/a

South Prairie Creek [WA] 2. Lower Burnett to above Carbon River (Lower) II+ n/a

Spokane [WA] 1. Dead Dog Park and Play II(III) n/a

Spokane [WA] 2. Harvard Park to Mirabeau Park (Upper) II n/a

Spokane [WA] 3. T.J. Menach Bridge in Spokane to Plese Flats (Lower) II-III+ n/a

Squire Creek [WA] Squire Creek Road to dowstream V n/a

Stebbins Creek [WA] to Washougal River IV-V(V+) n/a

Stehekin [WA] Agnes Creek to Lake Chelan II(IV) n/a

Stequaleho [WA] C-1066 Road to Clearwater Campground II-III(V+) n/a

Stetattle Creek [WA] bl Jay Creek to Gorge Lake IV(V) n/a

Stillaguamish, N. Fork [WA] 1. Confluence with S. Branch to bridge below Moose Creek V n/a

Stillaguamish, N. Fork [WA] 2. Moose Creek to Oso II n/a

Stillaguamish, S. Fork [WA] 1 - Deer Creek to Mallardy Creek (Upper) II+ n/a

Stillaguamish, S. Fork [WA] 2 - Mallardy Creek to Verlot (Middle) III+ n/a

Stillaguamish, S. Fork [WA] 3 - Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run) V n/a

Stillaguamish, S. Fork [WA] 4 - Granite Falls to Jordan (Lower) II n/a

Suiattle [WA] 1. Sulphur Creek to Rat Trap (FR 25) Bridge III+ n/a

Suiattle [WA] 2. Rat Trap (FR 25) Bridge to Sauk River II-III n/a

Sullivan [WA] 1. Mill Pond to N. Fork Sullivan (Upper) II n/a

Sullivan [WA] 2. N. Fork Sullivan to Hwy 31 (Gorge) V n/a

Sultan [WA] 1. Spada Reservoir to Powerhouse (The Upper) III-IV+ n/a

Sultan [WA] 2. Powerhouse to Fishing Access III-IV+ n/a

Summit Creek [WA] Soda Springs to Hwy. 123 V+ n/a

Swale Creek [WA] Harris Rd. to Wahkiacus III-IV n/a

Taylor [WA] bl. Marten Creek to MF Snoqualmie IV n/a

Teanaway, N. Fork [WA] Johnson Creek to Stafford Creek III+ n/a

Teanaway [WA] N. Fork Teanaway to E. Masterson Road (near Musser Creek) II+ n/a

Thunder Creek [WA] Trail mile 4.1 to Colonial creek campground IV-V n/a

Tieton, S. Fork [WA] Grey Creek Campground to Rimrock Lake IV(V+) n/a

Tieton [WA] 1. Rimrock Reservoir to Windy Point Campground (Upper) III+ n/a

Tieton [WA] 2. Windy Point Campground to Naches (Lower) II-III n/a

Tilton, N. Fork [WA] above Tilton confluence IV n/a

Tilton [WA] 1. Morton to Bremer (Upper) II-III n/a

Tilton [WA] 2. Bremer to Ike Kinswa State Park (Lower) III-IV n/a

Tolt, N. Fork [WA] ab. Yellow Creek to SF Tolt IV-V+ n/a

Tolt, S. Fork [WA] Bridge to confluence with N. Fork Tolt V n/a

Tolt [WA] Tolt River Road nr. Carnation to Snoqualmie River II n/a

Toutle, N. Fork [WA] Green River to S. Fork confluence II+ n/a

Toutle, S. Fork [WA] Harrington Place to Big Wolf Creek II-III n/a

Toutle [WA] Highway 504 Bridge to Tower Rd. Bridge III+(IV) n/a

Trout Lake Creek [WA] Trout Lake (Town) to White Salmon River II-IV n/a

Trout Creek (Sky drainage) [WA] to NF Sky V+ n/a

Trout Creek [WA] FR 43 to Wind River IV-V n/a

Tshletshy [WA] Headwaters to Queets Campground IV-V n/a

Twisp [WA] Buttermilk Creek to town of Twisp III n/a

Tye [WA] 1. Surprise Creek to Alpine Falls (Upper) V n/a

Tye [WA] 2. Alpine Falls to Beckler River (Lower) IV+ n/a

Vance Creek [WA] trail off FS 2350 to Vance Creek Bridge (FS 2341) IV n/a

Wallace [WA] Bridge below Wallace Falls to Sultan II n/a

Waptus [WA] Waptus Lake trail to Salmon La Sac II-III+(IV) n/a

Washougal, N. Fork [WA] Mile 7 to Washougal River IV-V n/a

Washougal [WA] 1 - Prospector's Creek to Doc's Drop (Upper Upper) V n/a

Washougal [WA] 2 - Doc's Drop to Dougan Falls (Falls Section) V n/a

Washougal [WA] 3 - Dougan Falls to Salmon Falls (Gorge Section) III-IV n/a

Washougal [WA] 4 - Highway 140 to Washougal (Big Eddy Section) III-IV n/a

Wenatchee [WA] 1. Lake Wenatchee State Park to Tumwater Campground II n/a

Wenatchee [WA] 2. Tumwater Campground to Leavenworth (Tumwater Canyon) V n/a

Wenatchee [WA] 3. Leavenworth to Monitor III n/a

Whatcom Creek [WA] Lake Whatcom to Yew St. Bridge III-IV+(V+) n/a

White Salmon [WA] 1 - Cascade Creek to Trout Lake (Mt. Adams Section) III-IV(V) n/a

White Salmon [WA] 2 - Trout Lake to Green Truss Bridge (Farmlands) IV-V n/a

White Salmon [WA] 3 - Green Truss Bridge to BZ Corners V n/a

White Salmon [WA] 4 - BZ Corner to Buck Creek III+(V) n/a

White Salmon [WA] 5 - Buck Creek to Columbia River (Lower Gorge) II-III+(V) n/a

White [WA] 1. Silver Springs Campground to W. Fork White (Upper White) III n/a

White [WA] 2. West Fork to Bridge Camp (Middle) III n/a

White [WA] 3. Buckley to Auburn (Lower) II n/a

Whitechuck [WA] Bridge above Crystal Creek to Sauk River confluence IV n/a

Wind [WA] 1. ab. Falls Creek to Mineral Springs Rd. (Upper) III+ n/a

Wind [WA] 2. Mineral Springs to Stabler I-II n/a

Wind [WA] 3. Stabler to High Bridge IV-V n/a

Wind [WA] 4. High Bridge to Columbia River IV-V(V+) n/a

Wynoochee [WA] Wynoochee Reservoir to Save Creek II-III(V) n/a

Yakima [WA] Confluence with Teanaway River to Thorp II n/a

Yellowjacket Creek [WA] Veta Creek to Cispus River confluence IV(V) n/a